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Swapping Chrysler's 8HP70/90 8 Speed Transmission. 8 Gears, No Waiting. We have developed a complete wiring and computer package to run the Hemi engines and with the new 8 speed Chrysler transmissions. Due to the level of integration on the newer Chrysler systems we have developed 2 different ways of putting this together The lowest torque rating is the 8HP45, then the 8HP70. The highest is the 8HP90, which is used in the hellcat. Reactions: Brian Hamilton, SyN and Hemi395. Nov 4, 2016 #3 whetrick1 Senior Member. Joined May 21, 2016 Posts 1,311 Reaction score 298. Thanks at least I have one of the better ones. [emoji41][emoji481 While the new 8HP90 TorqueFlite Transmission is designed for higher torque loads like the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the 8HP70 TorqueFlite Transmission will make its way into the 2015 Hemi Models. Think the Dodge Charger, Challenger and Challenger SRT8 The 8HP70 transmission in the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger weighs around 90 kg (198 lb), the same as the 6HP26 and less than the 5HP24 (the first numeral is the number of gears). The 8HP70 is larger than the 8HP45, but not much longer. The tall first gear allows for early lockup of the torque converter clutch

8hp70 - 700nm (516 lb-ft) I know what you're thinking. If I chip the 550i with Dinan it's gonna have 580 lb-ft. Is this going to jack my tranny. I don't have an answer for you. All I know is that the ZF 8 speed for the 550i is not meant to handle that much torque. Only the 8hp90 - 900nm (664 lb-ft) that they use for the V12 cars is rated for that 8HP70 700 ft. lb. torque capacity, 8HP75 750 ft. lb. torque capacity, 8HP90 1k torque capacity Adapting these transmissions to a 6.5TD may not be too troublesome because some are used in Dodge V6, V8 and diesel applications. With double overdrive it's unlikely you need to change current gear ratio (s) There is 8HP45 Type 1, 8HP45 Type 2, 845RE Type 1, 845RE Type 2, 8HP70, 8HP70D, 8HP90 Type A and Type B. We have to use the VIN number to determine what is the correct part number for them while under warranty. The bolts are torque/yield type and can only be used once. For a while you couldn't get the bolts with out the kit The controller ofgear.dk sells cost around 800 euro's (900 dollars). I don't know what the controller of Sound German Automotive costs yet, because I haven't got a respons yet. With the Ofgear controller it is possible to shift manual (with the use of the Dodge or Mercedes shifter or with paddles) and automatic

The 8HP95 has a 500 kW rating (670 BHP) vs the 8HP90 550 kW rating (738 BHP) and 1 kg (2 lbs) heavier. Physical differences between the 90 and 95 is the driveline design, transmission pan, and ratio spread. The 90 is designed for RWD. The 95 is designed for RWD and AWD. The 90 has a metal pan, the 95 a plastic composite pan As to the comparison of the ZF 8HP90 with the THM400 + GV-OD, this couldn't be more ludicrous. These are worlds apart in efficiency, gear ratio spread, and even robustness (for the THM400.) Put the same motor in front of both transmission configurations with the same TC stall speed, and the ZF will be faster and get better economy by far ZF-8HP90 8-Speed Auto Transmission / V-10 Viper 3rd or 4th Gen Engine WILL THEY MOUNT TO EACHOTHER?? You must be registered for see images attach Aug 15, 2018 #2 S. steve e Enthusiast. Joined Oct 23, 1995 Posts 983 Reaction score 55

Specifications Preliminary Note. Below is a table of reference gear ratios as provided with the ZF 8HP transmission, though actual implementations may differ depending on the tuning and specifications of individual vehicle manufacturers such as BMW and Audi.Differences in gear ratios have a measurable, direct impact on vehicle dynamics, performance, waste emissions as well as fuel mileage This is a viewer requested video for Guy Chatel. He asked me to give a quick rundown between the nag1 automatic transmission and the HP 8 speed automatic tra.. One Transmission, Countless Cars: The ZF 8HP Eight-Speed. This automatic transmission by German parts supplier ZF group is found in 25 powertrain arrangements across many car brands, making it one.

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The 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission has received some improvements in terms of fuel consumption and ride comfort and dynamics. This second generation is in volume production since July 2014 in the BMW 520d He also told me that the 8hp70 tranny is the same tranny used in the BMW X5 and Land Rover Sport. I'm going to think about this a little more but I'm leaning towards getting the Hemi with the 8hp70. I don't like the additional cost and lower gas mileage, but otoh, I can offset that with better performance and hopefully fewer problems Please subscribe our Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=denkerczDENKER Co. | AMERICAN CARS | SPORTS CARS | LUXURY CARSemail..

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The 8HP transmission from German supplier ZF is quick enough to serve sports cars and graceful enough for large luxury sedans, and it combines those elements of speed and smoothness whether it's. ATI SFI Flexplate for Gen III HEMI 5.7L/6.1L/6.2L/6.4L NAG1/8HP70/8HP90 Transmission - 915663. $199.00. Quick View Choose Options. SunCoast Snake Charmer Torque Converter for 6.2L Hellcat, RedEye & Demon Challenger and Charger SRT8 8HP90 8-Speed Transmissions - SC-8HP90-X $1,395.00. 8HP70 2013-present Ram 1500 (5.7L V8, 3.0L V6 diesel) 2014-present Dodge Durango V8 Retail; 2015-present Dodge Charger (5.7L & 6.4L V8) Retail, Pursuit models beginning in 2020; 2015-present Dodge Challenger (5.7L & 6.4L V8) 2014-present Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) (5.7L & 6.4L V8, 3.0L V6 diesel) 2015-present Chrysler 300 V8; 8HP90 The 8HP90 high-performance automatic affords greater torque capacity than any eight-speed previously offered by Chrysler Group. The TorqueFlite has a wide 7.03 ratio spread, allowing the engine to operate at peak efficiency in a broad range of driving conditions. Depending on the vehicle, the transmission can improve fuel economy by up to 9%. • 8HP70 ‐Chrysler sources from ZF -3.0L Diesel / 5.7L / 6.4L • All Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep & Ram • 8HP90 ‐Chrysler sources from ZF -6.2L Hellcat • 2015 Challenger / Charger) 845RE Introduction Dodge 15‐17 Challenger 13‐17 Charger 14‐17 Durango 14‐17 Ram 15000.

Tool D Clutch Piston 8HP70, 8HP90 Part # 49445650 Reference # Extra information. Now available TransTec tool kit 49445650. This tool services the bonded lip seal in the D-Clutch Drum / P4 Planetary assembly on ZF8HP70 & ZF8HP90 applications Wikipedia shows the 8HP75 (2nd Generation) being used in the 2019+ Ram (DT) and rated for 750 N-m, whereas 2018 and earlier Rams (DS) use the 8HP70, rated at 700 N-m. The 8HP75 is stronger than the 8HP70 and will hold 50 more N-m (553 lb-ft capacity on the 75 compared to 516 for the 70)

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  1. See inside the incredible ZF 8-Speed TransmissionTIMELINE:0:00 Introduction1:20 The parts and powerflow dilemma3:00 The input shaft3:15 The arrangement of th..
  2. 2,336 Posts. #3 · Jan 8, 2020. Transmission easy, though for a 6.1 you'd want to go with an 8HP70 vs 8HP90 (unless you intend to really ramp up the power; 70's are what go behind 15+ 392's). It'll cost you the $1000 adapter harness (Sound German Automotive), trans itself, custom driveshaft (to mate ZF to your rear) or swap the cradle to a 2015.
  3. Saturation Dive: The GM 8L90 transmission. On the surface, there are many similarities between the ZF 8HP transmission family and the GM 8L90. Namely both use 4 gear sets, 5 shifting elements (3 clutches and two brakes), off axis pumps, and have roughly the same gear ratio spread at about 7:1 overall spread
  4. 8HP70 Transmission Overview. The ZF 8HP70 transmission uses four planetary gearsets and five multi-plate clutch packs (3 rotating and 2 brake). When the transmission is in operation, only two clutches are open. This significantly reduces spin loss and increases fuel efficiency. The second generation of the 8HP70 transmission (2014 MY) reduces.
  5. (8hp30, 8hp45, 8hp70, 8hp90) More than likely Chrysler would get the 8hp70. Since the reverse gear ratio is about 10% shorter than the current reverse gear, the axle ratios can get about 10% taller
  6. Joined Jan 14, 2015. ·. 1,349 Posts. #8 · Nov 18, 2015. FCA is only building the 845RFE (or 8HP45 in ZF lingo) down in Kokomo, IN at their trans plant everything with the 3.6L V6 uses this trans and it's the volume powertrain by far. The larger capacity units (8HP70 for Hemi and EcoD, and 8HP90 for Hellcat) still come from Germany

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ZF 8HP70 Transmission Service. Jump to Latest Follow Enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card | Details HERE! 1 - 20 of 56 Posts. 1; 2; 3; Next. 1 of 3 Go to page. Go. Last. Manofmeyham · Registered. Joined Mar 12, 2017 · 486 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 2, 2017. After going thru a half dozen of those, one might consider the 9 conversion. That will address the strength issue but adds a problem for the transmission. A 1200whp car needs a gear ratio below 3.00 to allow the A8 to keep up. That's why you see most of the high hp cars going back to the 2.62 thanks@meancat ,im pretty positive all should go well but until i get it started and drive it i wont actually know ,from what im hearing from curt the trans are having issues getting them to shift after rebuild sometimes ,i personally believ that it probably lies somewhere in the valvebody or solenoids ,the thing that concerns me on mine is the clutch pack clearance , i kmow i have them set to. In addition to the American-made TorqueFlite 845RE and 8HP70, the new 8HP90 will be manufactured in Saarbrucken, Germany. The 8HP90 is designed for higher torque loads,.

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The ZF 8 speed transmission family has been around for a while, so a lot more information tends to be available for it than for the 9 speed. First, a quick rehash of the basics of gears that were discussed in the last saturation dive, for details please refer to the article on the ZF 9 speed. The simplest gear set consists of 2 parallel gears. The 8HP95 has a 500 kW rating (670 BHP) vs the 8HP90 550 kW rating (738 BHP) and 1 kg (2 lbs) heavier. Up to 550 Nm (406 lb-ft TQ) front / 1100 Nm (811 lb-ft TQ) rear forward turbine output. For the 8HP75, it looks like the main difference is having one vs two torque converter options Then we enter driving in a vacuum land. 8th -- 0.667 x 2.62 = 1.748 ( x 336 = 587 ) = 293.3 MPH @ 6000 -- 303.13MPH @ 6200. That's right..let it rip to redline in 8th with zero wind resistance and look at the speed!! haha! Note: I watched the K&N dyno run, the shift into 6th was around 148MPH, 7th at 191

Ravenol is a great one too. 8HP. RAVENOL ATF 8HP Fluid is suitable for use in the latest 8HP-Series transmissions including: ZF 8HP45, 8HP55, 6HP26, 8HP70, 8HP90, and also 6-Stroke automatic 6HP-Series transmissions including: 6HP19X for AUDI Q7, 6HP19A, and 6HP28AF. VW/AUDI G 060162 A1/A2/A6. VW G 055 162. or the T-WS The short answer is yes, for the most part, and the range is growing exponentially. It won't be long before most 5-, 6-, and 8-speed transmissions are covered by standalone control systems. I've compiled a short list of what's readily available and what's about to be released. Obviously most of the older, 4-speed automatics, like.

Can you do the same thing with the Hellcat 8hp90? I'm building a 41 Willy's with a hellcat motor and not having much luck finding a trans to put behind it. There are no stand alone computers for the 8hp90 that I'm aware of and I thought the 8hp70 wouldn't hold up to the horsepower. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Output flange oil seal ZF 6HP19, 6HP21, 6HP26, 6HP28, 6HP32, 8HP45, 8HP70, 8HP90 44x72x8 мм A-OSL-XHPXX-OU-L Every 8HP90/95 and some 8HP70's are sourced from overseas . Dusty1948 Ram Guru. Joined Jul 14, 2018 Messages 1,252 Reaction score 812 Location Rochester, New York. Jan 25, 2021 #32 IvoryHemi said: Not all ZF's are made in the US. Some are sourced from their Germany plant. Every 8HP90/95 and some 8HP70's are sourced from oversea The PPE ZF 8HP70 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Transmission Pan is an upgrade for the ZF 8HP70 transmission in your 2013-2020 Ram 1500. Cast from high-strength aluminum, this pan provides optimal heat dissipation due to the internal heat sinks, and external cooling fins The TorqueFlite ZF 8HP70 8-speed automatic transmission is used in all of the 2020 Dodge Challenger models that come with either the 5.7-liter of 6.4-liter Hemi V8. the TorqueFlite ZF 8HP90 8.



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  1. Paramount Performance 8HP70, 8HP90, 8HP95 Torque Converter (2015-Current 8-Speed Vehicles) - PARA-8SP-CNVRTR. $1,395.95. Quick View Choose Options. ATI Mopar Gen III HEMI T400 Transmission - 401640. $6,250.00. Quick View Add to Cart. SUNCOAST 8HP70 REBUILD KIT WITH ALTO G3 CLUTCHES - SC-216901PWR.
  2. yep, the big boi we all want, the 8hp90 (also on the hellcat and demon) is on the v12 7 series. V8 7 series use an 8hp70. the N55 7 series use the 8hp45 unfortunately. Since even the x5 n55 and 7 series n55 (both large frame cars) use the 8hp45, i dont think there is a stronger tranny with the n54/55 bell housing pattern
  3. RAVENOL ATF 8HP Fluid is suitable for use in automatic ZF transmission of 8HP-Series 8HP45, 8HP55, 6HP26, 8HP70, 8HP90, also for ZF transmission 6-stroke automatic 6HP-series - 6HP19X for AUDI Q7, 6HP19A, 6HP28AF. It is also suitable in ZF transmission series 9HP48. Please observe OEM Part Numbers
  4. Automatic transmission 8HP45/70. The pilot option has been put in production in the 2008 year and after short running in on BMW of the 7th ZF8HP series began to be installed widely on cars with the maximum torque of 450 nanometers for petrol motors (8HP45) and up to 700 Nanometers at 8HP70 for BMW diesel engines
  5. Sep 11, 2020 - 8-Speed Automatic Transmission for Chrysler cars and trucks: 845RE / 870RE, ZF 8HP45 / 8HP70 / 8HP90 by David Zatz See the end of the page for the second..
  6. Oil Pan and Filter for Chrysler/ZF 845RE, 8HP45, 780RE, 8HP70 and 8HP90 Transmissions (confirm by inputting year / make / model) › See more product details New (13) from $108.99 & FREE Shipping
  7. Service Information Oil change kit for ZF 8HP automatic transmission ZF Friedrichshafen AG ZF Aftermarket Obere Weiden 12, 97424 Schweinfurt, German

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Zf 8hp70 for sale. 50 . com. Sign up for hot industry news Get the best deals on ZF Car and Truck Automatic Transmissions when you shop the RANGE ROVER L405 13-15 Range SPORT L494 14-15 Automatic Transmission 5. This came out of a wrecked 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 5. Shortly after Cerberus took control of Chrysler, rumors of ZF eight-speed. by . Uncategorized 12 czerwca, 2021 0 comments. jeep speed shop 8 speed transmissio 8hp70 max torque 8hp70 max torqu F40 Model Year: 2019 + Previous Generation Add in the fact that a rebuild kit for a 727 is cheaper than a fluid change in an 8HP70 or 8HP90, it's easy to see why a GV-equipped 727 makes the most sense behind a modern Hemi swap. Above: Gear Vendors 727 long kit. The torque converter is another part of the equation. When it goes one to two at full throttle, you're not getting the.

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The 8HP70 is still rated at 516 lbs/torque. If you're looking at the 8HP90 I believe that will be going into the diesel pickups. 2012 GC SRT8(Being Demonized for more): D1SC Procharger, ProLine Racing built engine, forged pistons and rods, custom supercharger cam, Demon/Fore return fuel system, Kook's, SHR, FTI, ATI, Brembo Sport rotors slotted. ZF 845RE / 870RE, ZF 8HP45 / 8HP70 / 8HP90: Suitable for Use: ZF all 3 & 4 speed trans. Suitable for Use: ZF TE-ML 02F, TE-ML 03D, TE-ML 04D, TE-ML 09, TE-ML 11A: Suitable for Use: ZF TE-ML 14A, TE-ML 14B, TE-ML 14C, TE-ML 16L, ZF TE-ML 17C: Suitable for Use: CAT TO-2: Suitable For Use: Hino Blue Ribbon ATF: Suitable For Use: ISUZU BESCO ATF-II. The guy says there are different versions based on torque output. 8HP90 for the 707 HP Hellcat, 8HP70 for regular V8's and 8HP45 for V6 engines. Whats the difference between them and how much more can the 90 cost Chrysler over the 45 that they wouldn't just put the 90 in everything and have it last much longer? 4WD. Message The 66RE needs to go, and the 8HP90 needs to go in. The 5.7 1500 suffered greatly under the 545RFE/65RE, then the 8HP70 showed up and changed everything. I have that trans in our SRT. It would be an incredible combination. I'm hoping they come out with an even beefier version for the diesel someday. alexleblanc •.

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For my truck the 66RFE is a no-go. Dodge changed the computer setup in or about 2011, which nixes any backwards type moves. As for a TorqueFlite8 swap, it can only be done, I've read, with an 8HP70 (or an 8HP90, I suspect) because it has an internal trans controller. As stated above, the 8HP70 also requires a floor shift, so get your saws-all. Dimensions: 24x24x36. ZF8 Performance Dominator Torque Converter by Paramount Performance - Price Includes Core Charge, Add $1,995.00. ZF8 Performance Dominator Torque Converter by Paramount Performance - Sending My Core in for Upgrade, Add $1,395.00. Pre-Filled With Transmission Fluid - Domestic Option Only, Add $333.33 RAVENOL ATF 8HP Fluid is suitable for use in automatic ZF 8-speed transmission of 8HP-Series 8HP45, 8HP55, 6HP26, 8HP70, 8HP90, also for ZF transmission 6-speed automatic 6HP-series - 6HP19X for AUDI Q7, 6HP19A, 6HP28AF. It is also suitable in ZF transmission series 9-speed 9HP48. Please observe OEM Part Numbers. Quality Classification

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IMO, stock vs. stock, the 8 speed in the 6.4L Hemi would give the 6.7 CTD a heck of a run for its money when UNLOADED on any grade 0 to 8%. That statement is based on my experience driving both up here in the 'high heather' of +7000feet elevation. I'd probably go to a 3.73 rear over a 4.10 with an 8 speed over this 66RFE 6 Manual TREMEC TR-6060 , 8 Automatic TORQUEFLITE 845RE , 8 Automatic TORQUEFLITE 8HP70 , 8 Automatic TORQUEFLITE 8HP90 Production Figures Total Dodge Production for 2019 Agreed totally on the definite mechanical differences for the ZF8 speed vs ZF9 - there are several variations of the ZF8 of course (some for very tough duty applications i.e. huge torque). Just a few that FCA uses: ZF 8HP45, 8HP70 and 8HP90 The 8HP90 is not much larger than the 8HP70 so I am sure it will fit. Southern Hotrod offers built 8HP70s and 8HP90s (War Viking), which would really be the ticket. The 8HP90s used behind the Hellcat and Demon aren't even stock 8HP90s, Chrysler upgraded the clutches for the application 2017 Dodge Challenger. When an automaker claims best in class, class leading or a class first, it's tempting to ignore these claims. But when Fiat Chrysler claimed that the Dodge Challenger is the most powerful muscle car ever, very few could argue

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8HP90 vs 8HP70 for R/T, SP, SRT 2013 Daytona Road & Track #389 Mopar Performance Springs|Bilstein SRT Struts & Shocks|Pedders Swaybars|Speedlogix End Links|SPC Control Arms|Petty Strut Brace Transmission Type: 6HP19A, 6HP28AF, 8HP45, 8HP55, 8HP70, 8HP90, 6HP19X Packing Type: Bottle Recommended replace interval [years]: 5 Length [mm]: 60 Part number of the recommended special tools: V99-1017 Recommended replace interval [km]: 80000 Weight [kg]: 0,93 Width [mm]: 115 Observe the vehicle manufacturer specification Hey I have a dumb question. Is the trans on the 2012 Challenger 5.7 the same as the 6.4? My 5.7 toasted a cam/lifter at only 67000 miles. I have a complete 6.4 with trans, harness and computer but would like to keep the low mile trans if possible. Thanks

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All information in this document is given based on our knowledge of today - it might have changed or may change at any time. All data has been investigated with care, but it might have happened Since driving the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, I have been asked by countless people whether the 6-speed manual transmission or the new heavy duty 8-speed automatic transmission is the. The heart of the new 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye comes from the limited-production 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI high-output V-8 the Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye cranks out 797 horsepower @ 6,300 rpm and 707 lb.-ft. torque @ 4,500 rpm. The Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye's supercharged high-output engine is. The new gearbox, 8HP90 (rather than the 8HP70) is upgraded to handle the extra power and torque, says Dan Reid, SRT's manager of product design and motorsports. We certainly hope you're prepared.

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8L90E Specs, Performance, and Identification. The 8L90E is an 8 speed automatic transmission developed by General Motors and introduced for the 2015 Model year. It is currently phasing out the 6L80/6L90 transmissions (although it hasn't done its all the way yet. Structurally, the 8L90 is similar to the 8L45, except that it is made to handle. This adapter assembly is designed to adapt the Cummins R2.8 to a Jeep 4.0L manual transmission. With our adapter kits, we discard the factory R2.8 Flywheel to reduce weight and inertial load on the adapter kits. Our redesigned flywheel is 15lbs lighter then the R2.8 flywheel and with the addition of the crank hub the whole solution is still a.

GPZ Friction Clutch Plates for 10R80, 10L80, 10L90. Raybestos Powertrain GPZ friction clutch plates greatly increase transmission performance and durability. This state-of-the-art friction material far exceeds OE material to withstand high stress, high temperatures and repeated cycling. Plus, its performance improves as the power increases Performance Aftermarket PCS offers a broad product line of transmission control modules, dataloggers, paddle shifters, and more for the aftermarket Sonnax transmission products are the number one choice of large transmission remanufacturers, quality valve body rebuilders, and veteran independent specialists around the world. To better meet the repair challenges of increasingly sophisticated modern transmissions, Sonnax also offers premium remanufactured valve bodies Also you will need to run aftermarket gauges as the tone wheel is different on the I4 vs I6 engines. So the factory tack will not work in this application. This kit will not work for jeeps with the 42RLE automatic transmission as there are no standalone controllers available for this trans