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Month 5 living with a Ford Focus Estate: the estate of the nation Ford's biggest problem is arguably image. In a brand-obsessed age, the Blue Oval can offer all the steering response, gadgetry and.. Reviews. Common Ford Focus Transmission Issues To Look Out For For those considering a used Ford Focus, The Drive's informational team put together a reliability guide for the problems you need. The Focus is a 2008 SE bought new with 77,000 miles on it now. I believe this is the first year for the newer body style. She has a sales route with frequent stops and starts her car 30 to 40 times daily so her starting system gets much more cycle time than a normal car. The following is for a Focus with auto transmission

The new Ford Focus Estate is based on the same stiffer, safer and lighter platform as the hatch. The only real difference between the two is a bit of extra metalwork behind the B-pillar, which at. The Focus built in March 1999 had recurring problems with the restraint system and airbags. The front and side airbags were known to deploy incorrectly and the seatbelt pre-tensioners were ineffective due to a control module fault Worst 2019 Ford Focus Problems #1: Loses Traction Control And ABS 2019 Focus Average Cost to Fix: N/A Average Mileage: 8,000 mi. Learn More. We're actively collecting data on the worst problems. This solution worked for me i have a 2000 (x reg) 2.0 ford focus and the remote central locking didn't work and the doors intermittently opened after manually opening the drivers door. did as instructed in the above posts now everything is back to normal, thanks for the useful information

Free Ford Focus troubleshooting & support. Find help with repairs, installation & common Ford Focus problems from top Ford experts The Ford Focus Estate has long been a popular choice among families. Historically, it has delivered fun handling to make you smile and low running costs that won't make you weep. In its current.

Common Steering System Problems - Ford Focus. While every vehicle can have a steering problem, smaller cars tend to have more severe steering issues than larger vehicles. Part of the reason is mass: smaller cars have smaller, lighter suspension components, wheels, and tires, and as a result they're more vulnerable to damage from potholes, curbs. If you feel like donating on PayPal i'll apreciate it!: stamoulis90@gmail.com If your Ford Focus has the same problem as the following videos, this is how yo.. The 2009 Ford Focus has 414 problems & defects reported by Focus owners. The worst complaints are wheels / hubs, accessories - interior, and electrical problems PPMY Index and Problem Occurrence Trend. In our research we use the PPMY index to compare the reliability of vehicles. The PPMY index of a certain model is defined as the problems reported per thousand vehicles per Year.The total sales of the 2016 Ford Focus in the United States are 184,133 units .If the total number of problems reported by Ford Focus owners in the last 5 years is 741, and the. The Ford Focus Estate is a family car with great fuel economy, an engaging drive and the latest driving tech, but alternative estates have bigger boots Is the Ford Focus Estate a good car? The Ford Focus Estate was first introduced in 1998, but now in its fourth generation you get Ford's latest.

High-mileage EcoBoost engines also can suffer from fuel pressure problems. Low pressure produced by the fuel injector pump restricts the engine, hampering its performance. This can often be resolved by simply replacing the fuel pump. The most significant and notorious issue with EcoBoost engines is related to overheating The second generation Focus was launched at the Paris Motor Show on September 25, 2004 as a three and five-door hatchback and an estate, although the new car was previewed, in 4-door sedan form, as the Focus Concept developed by Ford Europe at the Beijing Motor Show in mid-2004.. The basic suspension design, which contributed much to the Mk 1's success, was carried over largely unchanged. Ford Focus: Battery Draining While Parked. If your vehicle is running fine when you park it, and it won't start, there could be a few problems causing this to happen. Most of the time, it's the battery itself causing this problem. Battery Cables. You'll want to take a look at your Focus's battery posts where they bolt to the battery

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Re: Ford Focus vibration from the front end 50-70mph. Your front end needs to be alinged. If you will look at your front tires you will see that one side is worn on the inside more than the other. If by chance that's not it. Then it will be a balljoint lose. Posted on Nov 03, 2019 Ford Focus is available with a choice of 1.5 and 2.0 litre EcoBlue engines, incorporating the latest diesel technology to improve power, torque and economy, whilst reducing emissions. The engines deliver an impressive 120 PS or 190 PS of power respectively. And depending on which you choose, you'll also have the option of a manual or advanced. Ford Focus ST Estate diesel review The other problem is a peculiarity of spec: if you have a diesel estate Focus ST, then even with the Performance Pack box ticked, you don't get the.

Given that nothing is perfect, for £27,895 as in the actual test car, this Focus Active Estate left me with an overall impression of a very good family car, well-equipped with safety and convenience features, and aimed at making any journey something to be enjoyed. Car reviewed: Ford Focus Active X 1.5L Ford EcoBoost 150PS, on the road price. The Ford Focus (third generation), also known as the Focus Mk III, (Code name: C346) debuted at the 2010 North American International Auto Show as a 2012 model. The cars shown were a 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback, also debuting a new 2.0-litre direct injection I4 engine. A 5-door estate (wagon) was previewed at the Geneva auto show a month later. This generation of Focus would be the first. Turbo boosts then stops. Boosts up to 8 bar then cuts out and engine carries on revving high. 2007 Ford Focus St225. Posted: Sep 7, 2020. 5. responses. Engine requires two operations of start button. following a battery change the start button on 1st press it lights ignition system and dash lights only Ford Focus Dashboard Instrument Cluster - common fault. This Ford Focus instrument cluster is a very common failure, this will cause an intermittent failure of all instruments, lights and gauges. If the instrument cluster fails while driving, then this will often cause the engine to cut out. If failure happens while attempting to start the. Ford Focus ST-2 estate, from £25,095. BACK IN 2010 the Conservatives announced that there would be no more idiotic bus lanes on the M4 and that speed cameras would be switched off. New Labour's 13-year war on the motorist, they declared, was over. Search the used Ford Focus STs for sale on driving.co.uk. Sadly, they were lying

2020 ECOSPORT. Starting at $19,995 1. EPA-Est. MPG City/Hwy 23/29 2. Turn heads with style and comfort. Whether it's errands throughout the day or a night on the town, you can drive with confidence in the Ford 2020 EcoSport. With standard features like BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert and rear-view camera, you can focus on the ride ahead How to Diagnose a Ford Focus That Will Not Start by Dan Ferrell . You should see a bright, blue spark jumping the gap in the spark tester. If not, you have a problem in the ignition system: Either a bad spark plug wires, distributor, ignition coil or ignition module. Have the ignition system checked by an auto technician if necessary

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Jun 26, 2012. #2. Find an A/C specialist. Avoid the Halfords type places as they do not have the kit to test and diagnose the fault. Probably just low gas, but don't just top it up, get it pumped out, leak tested and re-gassed by a pro. Ford dealers will have the kit, but will be costly. A Man and van will be best value for money Tip 1 - Get Bigger Tires. How to raise Ground Clearance on your Ford Focus. Tip 2 - Install Leveling Kit. How to lower the Ground Clearance on your Ford Focus. Ground clearance (also perceived as Ride height) calculates the interval from the lowermost edge of the car's underbody and the point of the tires' contact with the smooth surface

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  1. Ford focus undercarriage shield. Your mpg may decline slightly without it as having a smooth undercarriage reduces the drag coefficient. 2013 ford focus under shield hardware 2014 ford escape underbody shield screws. Weve got a wide rang of top quality ford focus engine splash shield of all the best brands in the industry at an affordable rate
  2. Latest 2019 Ford Focus Problems. 1. response. Used max defrost once and windscreen has cracked. windscreen has developed six inch crack up from vin plate after one use of max . defrost switch when really cold last we... 2019 Ford Focus titanium estate 1.5 petrol. Posted: Feb 23, 2021
  3. Ford Focus ST (2012 - 2015) At A Glance. Fitted with impressive 250PS EcoBoost engine. Available as a hatchback or an estate. Great value for money compared to other hot hatches. Despite 'symposer', engine may be too quiet for some hot hatch fans. Engine can develop a wiring problem. Insurance Groups are between 34-36
  4. Ford Focus (2004 - 2007) At A Glance. Superb blend of keen handling and ride comfort. Seats five in comfort. five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating. Bland styling. Estates lack sufficient sound proofing. Turbo failure increasingly common on high mileage 1.6 TDCIs
  5. Ford Focus Electric (2012-2018)>> Fuse Layout Ford Focus 1999-2007 Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Ford Focus are the fuses №39 (if equipped) and №46 (2000-2001) or №47 (since 2002) in the Instrument panel fuse box

Ford focus door lock problems. Maintenance/Repairs. metalman. July 4, 2016, 8:15pm #1. How do I open the door when the electric door lock is broken in the locked position?door. Roadrunner. July 5, 2016, 8:38pm #2. Which electric door lock is broken? If it won't open with the key go in from another door and release the lock from the inside of. 5 Things You'll Love About the Ford Focus Active X; 5 Things You'll Love About the Ford Focus Active X. 17th Jun 2019. Recently, I had the pleasure of spending the week in a Ford Focus Active X. It was an enjoyable experience all-round that left me feeling a little bit saddened that I had to hand the keys back Ford Cougar 1998, Ford Focus 1999, Ford Mondeo 1996 to 1998 Problem: After doors are shut the interior light stays on; Malfunction or lack of activation of the anti-theft warning system. Solution: These problems may be a result of a faulty electrical contact at the door contact switch in the lock striker on the B or C-pillar A Massive Review of the Ford Focus ST-Line Overview Of The Ford Focus ST-Line. It's common knowledge that the Ford Focus is a great car to drive. Sharp handling and great driver feedback make for a fun experience behind the wheel - at 'ST' level, it's an absolute riot. The problem is, not everybody wants to drive fast and use up lots.

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  1. Honest John's Road TestsFord Focus ECOnetic 6,000 Mile Test Ford Ka 2009 Road Test Ford Fiesta 2009 Road Test Ford Focus Econetic 3,000 Mile Test Ford Kuga Road Test Car-by-car BreakdownFord - Focus (1998 - 2004) Ford - Capri III (1977 - 1986) Ford - Cougar (1998 - 2000) Ford - Edge CUV (2006 - ) Ford - Escort (1983 - 1990
  2. The Ford Focus seems like the ideal family car. The only drawback with the hatchback could be that boot space. If you have multiple children, then the Ford Focus Estate may be more suited to you. Equipment. The new Ford Focus is the most technologically-advanced to date
  3. The 2011 Ford Focus engine cranks over but won't start: There are many possible causes, but we know it is neither a battery nor a starter problem. Just remember: a vehicle will always require air, fuel, and the ignition to operate. Check the fuel. You may be out of fuel, or the fuel isn't getting to your engine
  4. 2009 Ford Focus Vibration problems. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 19 of 19 Posts. Kendra · Registered. Joined May 21, 2013 · 7 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · May 21, 2013. I'm not sure if this is where I ask a question about my car, I am new and this is the first time I have ever done this so please point me in the right direction if I'm in.

Ford Focus Timing Overview (All Model Years) From 2005 to 2018 all North American Ford Focus engines apart from the 1.0L have timing chains. From 2000 to 2004 all North American Ford Focus engines have timing belts apart from the 2.3L. All North American Ford Focus engines apart from the 2000 - 2004 110hp and 130hp engines are interference. Model If you're looking for the Ford Focus Mk3 buying guide, you can find that here. Ford Focus Mk2 known faults and common problems. Introduction. The Ford Focus went on sale all the way back in 2005, but it's a car that's popular and very much remains a good used buy choice on a tight budget. The styling was diluted somewhat compared to the edgy. FORD FOCUS Recalls in UK. There are 37 recall actions in UK related to FORD FOCUS. The latest recall action was on August 19th, 2020. Check also how many FORD cars are Still on the road in UK.. The details of the recall actions that are related to FORD FOCUS are shown bellow Ford Focus estate (2004-2011) but that should mean early reliability problems have been ironed out. Ford has been steadily improving in the Driver Power survey ratings, although the Focus came. Over the last 15 years, the Ford Focus has become one of the most popular vehicles in the world. Available as a hatchback or sedan, the 2015 Ford Focus rewards the driver with a smooth performance on the road. While the base engine provides enough gusto for most drivers, the high-performance ST model is a legitimate hot hatch

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Ford Focus Forum is the premier Ford Focus community. We offer one of the largest collection of Ford Focus related news, gallery and technical articles. Share your favorite Ford Focus photos as well as engage in discussions with fellow Ford Focus owners on our message board Ford Focus routine maintenance guide (2014 to 2018 petrol and diesel engines) The 2014-2018 Ford Focus is the facelifted Mk3 model and comes with 1.0 litre Ecoboost as well as 1.6 litre petrol engines. Diesel options initially included a new 1.5 litre diesel engine and 1.6 diesel unit, which was carried over from the pre-facelifted car However, despite the moaning, the Ford Focus Active X Estate is a great car to do the M25 slog in. The 5am starts are made much easier with the very toasty heated seats, the really decent sound system - the Ford B&O unit is better than the ones in some considerably more expensive cars I've driven - comfy seats and comfy ride

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  1. ded model line ('Zetec.
  2. Our Ford Focus Estate 's cabin hasn't been left wanting for goodies, either - it's been fitted with a £400 head-up display, a £100 wireless charging pad and a £150 heated steering wheel. In fact, all the optional extras combined add a wallet-bruising £5,795 to our car's overall price. As a result, it'll set you back £32,550.
  3. Ford Focus and Mondeo 1.8 2.0 TDCi 2000 - 2003. Problem: Engine hard to start, lack of power, rough idling etc. Solution: A common problem has been identified with the above models and an insufficient signal from the camshaft postion sensor (CPS). The fault code P0340 may have been triggered which relates to the CPS
  4. Pre-owned Ford Focus models are available with a 1.0 L-liter gas engine or a 2.0 L-liter flex-fuel (FFV) engine, with output up to 160 hp, depending on engine type. The Used 2017 Ford Focus comes.

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According to Ford, the two problems are unrelated issues. The coolant hose on the 1.0 Ecoboost engines of cars built between October 2011 and October 2013 can potentially fail at high temperatures. 2015 Ford Focus consumer reviews. $17,170 starting MSRP. 4.1 (167 reviews) 76% of drivers recommend this car. Rating breakdown (out of 5): Comfort 4.2. Interior design 4.3. Performance 3.9 The Ford Focus (first generation) is a compact car that was manufactured by Ford in Europe from 1998-2004 and by Ford in North America from 1999-2007. Ford began sales of the Focus to Europe in July 1998 and in North America during 1999 for the 2000 model year.Manufacturing in Argentina continued until 2008, and it was still on sale in Brazil until 2009

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There may be no drivability problems at all. But, it's also possible to have a lean condition or a rough running engine if the purge valve is stuck open. Usually though, these symptoms are accompanied by other EVAP codes. 2011 Ford Focus Estate 2011 Ford Focus 2011 Ford Fiesta ST Concept 2011 Ford Fiesta RS WRC 2011 Ford Fiesta 2011 Ford. Two of the most common issues people are with the 2014 to 2018 Ford Focus are squeaky doors, otherwise known as noise from the A pillar, and faulty rubber seals in the door frame. In this video we show you how to quickly fix these problems. We've stripped down and rebuilt the Focus model produced from October 2014 to mid-2018 (64 to 18 reg) to produce our best-selling manual Used Ford Focus Cars for Sale, Second Hand & Nearly New Ford Focus | AA Cars. Representative example. Borrowing £7,500 at a representative APR of 13.9%, annual interest rate (fixed) 13.9%, 59 monthly payments of £170.88 followed by 1 payment of £180.88, total cost of credit is £2,762.80, total amount payable is £10,262.80 Ford Focus Estate from £445. Advance Payment. Ford Galaxy from £2,745. Advance Payment. Ford Kuga from £1,095. Advance Payment. Ford Mondeo Estate from £2,995. Advance Payment. Ford Mondeo Saloon from £2,995. Advance Payment. Ford Puma from £95. Advance Payment. Ford S-MAX from £2,845. Advance Payment The added size and weight of Focus means performance isn't quite on par with the hot hatch, but it's certainly enough for family estate; Ford claims 0-62mph takes 8.8 seconds

Each generation of the Ford Focus has brought enthusiasts and customers a new sense of style, sophistication, and choice. Unlike the competition, Ford has always been striving to make vehicles for the everyday consumer and users more sporty. Heading into the first Focus refresh since the debut back in the early 2000s, Ford made it a mission to. H13 9008 BEAMTECH CSP LED Headlight Kit Bulbs Hi/Low Beam 8000LM 50W 6500K White (Fits: 2010 Ford Focus) 4.5 out of 5 stars. (95) 95 product ratings - H13 9008 BEAMTECH CSP LED Headlight Kit Bulbs Hi/Low Beam 8000LM 50W 6500K White. $32.99 Used Ford Fiesta Used Renault Clio Used Vauxhall Corsa Used MINI Countryman Used Nissan Juke Used Audi A1 Sportback Used Ford Focus Used Toyota Yaris Hybrid Used Renault Captur Used Audi A3 Sportback (2016-2020) Used Kia Sportage Used Skoda Octavia Used SEAT Ateca Used Mercedes A-Class Used Mazda CX-5 Used Nissan Leaf Used Ford Kug 2010 2011 Ford Focus Speedometer Instrument Cluster Dash Panel Gauges 89,411 (Fits: Ford Focus) $111.20. Was: $139.00. $14.98 shipping. or Best Offer. SPONSORED PowerShift Settlement ∞. Ford settled a PowerShift class-action lawsuit in late March 2017. Involving nearly 1.5 million model year 2011-2016 Fiesta and 2012-2016 Focus cars, the settlement offers owners options: Take cash payments and reimbursements for repairs and future problems, up to $2,325

If you are having alternator problems, here are possible causes, and the easiest way to fix them. [alert]Start Your Search for a Replacement Alternator Here[/alert] The Problem with the Focus Alternator. During the 2005-2007 Ford Focus production, there were several complaints about alternators that failed before they should Ford Focus Ford Focus is a small family car from Ford Motor Company since 1998. Available with myriads of engines options and trim lines, the Focus is one the best-selling cars from Ford both in America and Europe. Some of the safety features available with Ford Focus are Front-impact airbags, occupancy sensors, sideimpact bars, front seatbelt. This is the far extreme of the new Ford Focus ST family from the petrol hatchback that we've already reviewed.The 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine will be offered in both the hatchback and estate.

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New Focus Estate offers decent space, and the latest 98g/km 1.5-litre diesel engine is as frugal as it is flexible 2014 Ford Focus Estate 1.5 TDCi 120 Titanium Hom Ford has ambitions to be thought of as more than a manufacturer of mass-market cars. The Focus Titanium X is Ford's attempt to take on the likes of the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series as well as top. 1,244 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 15, 2014. Well I felt that we needed to have a something in here so it can easily be found. for starters the Battery for our FOB is a CR 2032. now as far as replacement goes its fairly easy take a pair of needle nose and stick the nose into the indents on the side even with the unlock button and. Ford Focus vehicles may require the start button to be pressed twice during the relearn (without pressing the brake) to enter into RUN mode during the relearn (Ignition ON/Engine OFF). If this is the case, modify steps the manual steps for the push-button start relearn, 3 and 5, as noted in the relearn procedure above

Ford Focus 1.5 TDCi Titanium estate car review from the AA. Overall car review rating: 4 out of 5 The Ford Focus' standard brake lights are owner replaceable. The lights are held within the brake light case on the rear of the car. This case also stores the turn signal and reverse light. The Ford Focus also has a third brake light, which is also known as a center-high mounted brake light. This light uses LED bulbs and is designed to last the. I own a Ford Focus 2011 TDCi 1.6 Titanium. My centre communications panel has suddenly stopped working with no previous symptoms. All electrics, lighting, auto wipers headlights, air con, radio. Performance. Despite the Vignale being the range-topping Focus, the engine choice is extensive and still includes less powerful units. With the petrol options, you can have a 123bhp 1.0-litre unit or a 180bhp 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine, while the diesel variation is between a 118bhp 1.5-litre or a 148bhp 2.0-litre engine Problem with your 2005 Ford Focus? Our list of 3 known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 2005 Ford Focus. Close. Problems / Ford / Focus / 2005; 2005 Ford Focus Problems. Find the most common issues based on car owner complaints. Get Your Car Fixed. Find a high quality auto repair shop or dealer near you.

Don't be fooled. The new Focus might look longer, but in reality, it isn't - it's just a trick courtesy of the longer wheelbase. Built upon the C2 platform, Ford was able to extend the. With the all-new Ford Focus, the Blue Oval wants to regain the title of selling the UK's favourite family hatchback.The previous Focus was a decent car, but a bit disappointing - at least by. Ford Focus 2017 (67) ESTATE 1.0 EcoBoost 125 Titanium 5dr Auto [Nav] Low mileage. 7. £12,499. Finance available £236 pm. *Representative example. 1L By Staff Writer Last Updated March 25, 2020. Follow Us: Locate the fuse box on a Ford Focus by looking under the steering wheel, slightly to the left and below the dash by the brake pedal. There is a cover that hides the fuse box from view that someone must remove to access the fuses. If a Ford Focus fuse blows, it results in one of the vehicle.

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  1. I have a 07 Ford Focus Zetec. The alarm has been giving me problems. It goes off for no reason at all. The only way to prevent the alarm from going off is to leave the doors unlocked. The dealer thinks its the bonnet switch that is causing the problem
  2. 2016 Ford Focus STDescription: Used 2016 Ford Focus ST for sale - $14,895 - 84,234 mi with Power Package, SE Package, Audio Package, Bluetooth, Premium Wheels, Backup CameraCertified Pre-Owned: NoTransmission: 6-Speed ManualColor: Blue. $14,895. $278/mo est.*
  3. Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford EcoSport, Ford Mondeo, Ford C-Max, Ford B-Max, Ford Transit Courier. 1.0 EcoBoost Engine Problems and Reliability. First of all, the engine has only direct fuel injection and no fuel in the intake ports. The fuel in the ports acts as a natural cleaner. Without it, soot and carbon layer covers the intake valve stems.
  4. 2018 Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBlue 120 Zetec 5dr ESTATE Diesel Manual St George, Bristol 1 Owner From New With Ford Dealer Service History (3 Stamps) - Representing The Next Level Of Ford Kinetic Design - Performance And Economy Combined - Finished In £525 Magnetic Grey Metallic Paint - Driving Into A Low Emissions Zone In Cities Such
  5. This is a really key area with cars like the Focus, and as a result, the margins of difference are pretty slim. When judged on price, efficiency and resale values, the Focus is just about bang on with the Seat Leon, so it should cost roughly the same to own over a typical three-year period. The Volkswagen Golf is pricier to buy and not as clean as the Ford, but the VW's superior resale.
  6. Do you want to gain more power, torque and better MPG for your Ford Focus?Then look no further. Our Ford performance chips and Ford remapping via the OBD port will dramatically improve your car's performance and improve your MPG!. Fantastic drivability - 15-35% extra power Be happy at the pumps - 8-15% improved mpg For your convenience - remapping 7 days a wee

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2008-2011 Ford Focus. The second-generation (Mk 2) Ford Focus was launched in 2004 as a three- and five-door hatchback and an estate variant 13/12/10 - 16:40 #5. There was a fault with Ford Focus instrument clusters on certain ages of car, and after the problem was featured on the BBC Watchdog programme some time in 2008 (I think), Ford eventually offered a deal whereby dealers would replace the instrument cluster for £99 inclusive of parts and labour Michael M., NY (2014 Ford Focus SE 2.0-L 4 Cyl) We noticed the transmission was slipping going from first to second gear. Fortunately, there was a recall issued on the transmission, and we also. For the Ford Focus MK2 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 model year (Europe, USA). Fuse box in passenger compartment. fuse box location

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  1. Ford has priced its new Focus competitively compared to rivals like the Toyota Corolla, Hyundai i30 and Mazda 3, but its most affordable grade does kick off at a slightly higher level than the entry-level cars for those other brands.. That start point for the Focus hatch range is the Trend grade, with a list price of $25,990. Above it is the ST-Line, which is a sporty spec, for $28,990
  2. Ford Focus & Mondeo ECU's. This is a very common fault for the 1.4 - 2.0 Ford Focus (Mk I) and Mondeo (Mk II & III). When the ECU fails it causes a constant misfire on two of the cylinders. This fault is usually caused by a faulty coil pack on the vehicle which in turn damages the internal circuitry of the engine ECU and causes this misfire
  3. Introduction. The Focus is Ford's ever-present, big-selling small family car, built to be as many things to as many people as possible. There is a huge range of trims and engines to tempt a broad spectrum of buyers, and the on-board technology is aimed not just at parents and kids, but keen drivers, grandparents, students and, of course, people who just want a known quantity
  4. The Focus is a popular compact car built and sold by Ford in the United States. The Focus was introduced in late 1999 as a 2000 model, and has won numerous awards for its European styling and handling. Modifying or removing the dash in a Focus is best suited for mechanically inclined owners
  5. The Ford Focus is one of the world's best-selling cars and has been a hit with motorists and car aficionados since its inception in 1998. In the United States, the Focus was the replacement make for the wildly popular Ford Escort, and has continued the Escort's strong sales up until the present day
  6. If your Focus is experiencing electrical problems, you should always check the fuses first, because they are relatively easy to check and cheap to change. Some Fords have multiple interior fuse boxes including in the trunk - the video above will show you where the interior fuse box of your 2000 Focus is located
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The Focus has more equipment though, ours was supplied with DAB and sat nav, which is an optional extra, but there's good technology, and adding more is cheaper than in the German cars. And then. Learn more about the 2015 Ford Focus. Get 2015 Ford Focus values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you Ford Focus 2.2 2004 Estimates on repair costs, such as the above results for a clutch replacement, are created by combining data from multiple third-party sources. The actual cost of using your local repair providers may be outside of the estimated range

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Ford Focus is ready to get you moving like you mean it. Move like you mean it. Whether it's the ST-Line Hatch, Active or ST, the Ford Focus is more than just a small car. It's a dynamic, agile and powerful companion ready to unleash every ambition. Redesigned from the ground up, this sophisticated car was made with one person in mind. You Used Ford Focus Automatic for Sale, Second Hand Automatic Ford Focus | AA Cars. Representative example. Borrowing £7,500 at a representative APR of 13.9%, annual interest rate (fixed) 13.9%, 59 monthly payments of £170.88 followed by 1 payment of £180.88, total cost of credit is £2,762.80, total amount payable is £10,262.80 Ford is happy to report Focus sales in Europe haven't been this good in 20 key Euro markets since 2015 and the company is enjoying strong demand for its compact model, with one car sold this year. The Ford Focus ST sports a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine and six-speed manual transmission. If you're looking for a car that offers lively performance but room for day-to-day living, the Ford Focus ST might be your ideal car. The Ford Focus ST got a refresh for the 2014 model year, upgrading the front grille and headlight shapes Ford focus st-3 sat NAV, leather, heated seats, sunroof & reverse camera. Leeds, Kent. £12,685. Bit Pricey. 2013. 60,000 miles. 5 doors. Petrol. ***free MOT for life*** Ford focus 2.0T st-3 5 door, this st-3 is equipped with 1x Ford service, sat NAV, leather, heated seats, reverse camera, sunroof, body..

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2018 Ford Focus SE Hatchback powered by 2.0L Inline-4 Gas Engine with 6-Speed Automatic transmission. Overview. Select configuration: SE Hatchback. $20,540. Starting Price (MSRP) Engine