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Find Sleeper sofa beds. Get The Best of the Web with Myfindly.co New Untreated & Treated Oak Sleepers are cut straight from the tree and are suitable for use in a vast array of landscaping applications. Being the most versatile of all of our sleepers, they can be used to create patios, raised beds, planters and outdoor furniture As a rule, hardwood oak sleepers tend to last the longest naturally with an expected lifespan of around 100 years. An untreated softwood will last for between three and five years if it sits on the ground, whilst treated softwoods can last between 20 and 30 years if they are maintained correctly Timber Sleepers are well very popular for their use in landscaping purposes like paths, steps, retaining walls, raised flower beds, garden furniture. Comparing to softwood treated sleepers lifespan of maximum 10 years, untreated oak sleepers last minimum 30 years in same conditions and they have been known to go up to 80 years. Standard Size. New Eco Treated Sleepers: UK Oak are a specialist retailer of Railway Sleepers in the UK. Our team of specialise in all things for Railway Sleepers and much more! Buy online or call one of the team on 01536 267107

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  1. This depends on the type of railway sleepers you have. Reclaimed railway sleepers are usually made from high grade Oak or other dense exotic hardwood, and have usually been treated with Creasote, Tar or some other industrial grade preservative. Reclaimed railway sleepers are likely to last for decades above ground if left untreated
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  3. New sleepers (Oak or Treated Softwood) • To define borders and patio edges. • Create raised beds and planters. • Seating. • As the perimeter for ponds and garden features. • Play pits and sand pits. • Creating steps. Reclaimed sleepers. They are ideal for making retaining walls to hold back soil
  4. Previous owners had shelled out £20k+ in 2006 - 45 treated oak sleepers over 4 terraces, mature bushes, various ferns, palms and exotic grass. Cue 2016 - every single sleeper is rotten through.
  5. Oak Sleepers We hold large quantities of UK untreated oak timber all year round. Below are the dimensions and prices of the stock we hold but we can cut these to any lengths you need. We deliver all over the UK and although haulage is quoted on an individual basis we group sleepers deliveries going to the same areas together to keep the costs down

Railway sleepers have many uses both in the home and in the garden. They make excellent lintels or beams and can even be used to manufacture garden furniture. Professional landscapers use new oak railway sleepers to construct retaining walls, steps, patios and decks because they are clean, safe and easy to work with OAK SLEEPERS. Oak sleepers are now in stock, for use in the garden to build raised beds or retainer walls for banks but also fantastic for other uses such as solid oak beams, or cut down as posts using our sawmill. As oak is a hardwood it is extremely durable and treatment is not essential. Our sleepers measure; 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm 3m x 200mm.

Whether you are planning a raised bed, retaining wall, raised pond or some steps in the garden, you will find that railway sleepers are brilliant to use. Whether you want new or used railway sleepers, softwood or hardwood, untreated or treated, we have 1000's in stock & WE LOVE THEM This fresh sawn oak sleeper is ideal for all natural landscaping projects, ranging from setting boundaries and edgings to constructing planters with raised beds or borders, as well as decking, terraces and walkways. This sleeper is pressure treated to enhance durability and stability

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Oak Sleepers. There is an ever growing demand for new untreated oak sleepers because they can be used for a wide range of projects; oak railway sleepers are among the most widely available wood products and they are also more affordable. We have a wide slection of sizes pre-packed and ready to ship. There are 5 products A raised bed made from railway sleepers will be extremely strong and long lasting, with an attractive natural look. Our New Oak or Eco treated sleepers sized at 2400mm x 200mm x 100mm are great for the job. You can use them horizontally, or cut them.

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Hardwood sleepers (Oak) will last a lot longer than softwood sleepers without being treated. To keep your hardwood sleepers looking as good as the day you brought them you should treat them with oils (such as linseed), finishes or varnishes occasionally to keep them aesthetically sound Railway sleepers will last for years, with our softwood treated sleepers they can last around 20 to 30 years due to the pressurised treatment. If they are untreated they will still last around two to five years, whilst our oak sleepers will last for 30+ years Dense, tight grained, hardwood oak railway sleepers, are completely different to light, softwood railway sleepers which have to be treated with either creosote or pressure treatment to prevent them rotting and collapsing. Hardwood railway sleepers are generally much more durable and naturally longer lasting

UK Sleepers are reliable and experienced suppliers of New Eco-friendly Treated Railway Sleepers. Our products offer you inventive and cost-effective ways of customising your garden to give it a truly unique touch. We have all kinds of different product options available to make sure you'll be able to find exactly what it is that you're looking for Oak sleepers are perfect for indoor applications like fireplace surrounds and steps, or crafting chunky tables, benches and window seats, adding a touch of rustic charm to any interior. We also stock pressure treated softwood sleepers in 2.4m lengths. These come in two sizes: 100mm X 200mm or 125mm X 250mm, ideal for adding character to garden. Garden & Railway Sleepers. Garden sleepers, also known as railway sleepers or railroad sleepers, are traditionally used to lay rail tracks on. Garden or railway sleepers are large, rectangular, sawn pieces of timber that are used in a variety of landscaping and gardening projects and environments, such as raised beds, lawn and border edging, steps, pathways, and retaining walls

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Oak will be much more expensive and heavy to carry/manoeuvre, whereas the pressure treated ones are cheaper and a lot lighter (easy to cut with a saw). I have some old proper railway sleepers in the garden from years ago but when doing up the garden recently I needed more sleepers so got the newer pressure treated ones and stained them dark Treated softwood sleepers are pressure treated and thus, resists rot to some extent. Oak sleepers, on the other hand, though not treated, are naturally long-lasting. However, they can be quite heavy to handle as they are hardwood sleepers. Apply wood preserver. Applying a coat or two of wood preservative to the garden sleepers is a brilliant idea 2.4m x 200 x 75 Premium European oak Sleepers. £30.00. 2.4m x 200 x 75mm (8ft x 8inches x 3 inches) Add to Cart. . 5.4m Large Decking Boards. £25.92. 5.4m x 38mm x150mm Listed price includes VAT. Add to Cart Sleepers. Sleepers help to create a focal point in your garden or show home. They're great for building raised flower beds, vegetable gardens and sandpits for children and come in treated, reclaimed and oak. Visit our landscaping product displays in our Fareham, Ringwood, Romsey, Southampton, Tadley and Totton branches. NEW FOR 2019 Not only do sleepers provide a great finish to any garden or landscaping project, but they are also particularly durable and robust. Explore our range of garden sleepers. Browse and shop online for reclaimed sleepers, both available in hardwood and softwood, French Oak sleepers, European oak sleepers as well as treated softwood sleepers

Garden Landscape Sleeper 2.4m (8ft) 200mmx100mm (8×4) Second Grade. £ 27.00 inc VAT. Sleepers can be used to create edgings, garden walls, banks, and even garden furniture. We stock a range of new and reclaimed sleepers in a variety of lengths, sizes and materials. 48 in stock. Category: Sleepers (softwood) - Garden Landscape Sleepers Grade A Reclaimed Sleeper 240 x 145 x 2600mm. Product Code: GRS240. Was £57.37. £47.81. Now £38.40. £32.00. Delivery Select delivery address. Collection Select a collection branch. Contemporary Landscaping Sleeper 200 x 100 x 2400mm Our green sleepers are treated (tantalised) with Tanalith E to provide a long life, on average treated our softwood sleepers using this method last between 10 and 15 years in most situations, oak sleepers have a much longer life of between 25 and 35 years depending on use and situation

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New Pressure Treated Hardwood Sleepers are the latest addition to our range of French and Canadian Oak Sleepers. Fluctuating exchange rates post Brexit will significantly effect the price of French and Canadian Oak Sleepers in 2021. We can't control the exchange rates but we can control and help to keep costs down for Oak Sleepers are untreated and have fantastic durability and outstanding quality, Oak sleepers can be used for a variety of landscaping solutions such as retaining walls, edging, kerbing and raised beds. Other popular uses are furniture and fire surrounds. Sleepers can be cut to your specific thickness, width and length by a project by project [

Eco Treated Sleepers. Lovely treated softwood that is perfect for all garden uses, water features, decking, patios, raised beds, borders etc. Beautiful straight edges. The treatment is completely safe for children and pets alike. These sleepers are available in a selction of sizes pre-packed and ready to ship. There are 6 products SL008a. £29.70. Advice. Delivery. Provenance. Treated softwood is suitable for outdoor uses and ground contact. These sleepers are ideal for making raised beds. If you cut the timber we recommend treating the cut end with a timber preserver. A delivery service is available at very reasonable rates and is charged based on your location Treated Softwood sleepers are ideal for use in the garden and can be used for Decking, Raised Beds, Planters, retaining walls, pathways and Garden furniture. These sleepers are available with free delivery in Cornwall. Treated Softwood Sleepers. Quality Treated Softwood Sleepers; Treated with a Tanalised Wood Preserve Oak Landscape Sleepers If you're searching for a hardwearing material, consider an oak sleeper. Oak landscape sleepers can last for many years without any form of treatment, however if you would like to preserve the colour and life expectancy, we would recommend using an external wood oil or a clear preservative. Incised Sleepers

Sleepers are part of our core product range stocked at our yard in Romsey, Near Southampton, Hampshire. New treated softwood sleepers have proved very popular in recent years for all types of landscaping projects. Railway sleepers can be used for raised flower or vegetable beds, retaining walls, steps, edging, seating and many other applications Sawn Green Treated 1st Grade FSC Sleepers - 100 x 200mm. Our incised sleepers have uniform incisions on the face to allow the preservative to penetrate the timber better. This Class 4 treatment, is recommended for ground contact applications which helps with a broader spectrum of protection against decay organisms

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Oak Hardwood Sleeper-2.6m (New Type & Treated) € 45.00. Oak is a naturally durable hardwood that is suitable for ground contact application without any chemical preservatives. This makes it very suitable for applications where children or plants may be in contact with the sleepers. NAME Garden Sleepers Express supply a great selection of New Green Eco Treated Softwood Sleepers (200 x 50 mm) and Eco Treated Sleepers for use within and around the garden. Call us: 01536 267107. New Untreated Oak Sleepers (225 x 125 mm) £326.9 Our new hardwood (Alder) railway sleepers are pressure treated with a environmentally friendly and safe Tanalith-E wood preservative so they will resist decay from fungi and insects. They have numerous uses including: - Garden edging. - Raised flower beds. - Vegetable patchs. - School playgrounds. - Small bridges. - Soil retaining walls TREATED SLEEPERS - Railway Garden Sleepers . 8x4 - 0.9m £12 each 8x4 - 2.4m £33 each . 10x5 - 2.4m GRADE B £30 each . Untreated Solid Oak Sleepers. 8x4 2.4m only £30 each!!!! Lancashire Timber, Unit 4 Kestrel Place, L40 8AB. VISIT OUR NEW DIY SHOP INSIDE THE WAREHOUSE FOR ALL YOUR MATERIALS . Open 7 days!!!! Offering local delivery!!

Oak is a timeless hardwood that is rich in character, colour and versatility. See our gallery for great examples of this sleeper being used. Treatment: Reasonably heavy (historic) Creosote treated. Durability: Class 2. 15 - 25+ years in ground / 15 - 40+ years exposed. As the US Oak is of semi hardwood density it is easily cut and modified on-site Oak Sleepers. Oak Sleepers. Write your review. Size (mm) £17.99. Quantity Add to basket Our Green Treated Railway Sleepers are perfect for any landscaping project Quick view. Wishlist. Add to basket. Add to Compare. Brown Treated Sleepers. Price £30.99 These sleepers have more consistent edges and less splitting than oak sleepers. Pressure Treated Brown. 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm. Can be used with timber-fast screws, mending plates and corner braces. New Hardwood Sleepers are machined from natural, unseasoned timber that has not undergone any drying process, so they will naturally season over time

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The oak sleeper is very hard and versatile and will weather well and last a very long time retaining its strength and shape Ideal for steps, edging, raised beds, decking, patios, borders etc. Reclaimed Traditional Treated Railway Sleeper Garden Pressure Treated Sleepers. £ 16.99. 100mm x 200mm x 1.2m long. Pressure treated for durability. 6 for £99, 12 for £190, 24 for £325. Minimum Quantity for delivery: 6. Discounts applied on 6+,12+,24+. Quantity Treated railway sleepers are huge part of our business and we offer many different styles and sizes. Below you will find what sleepers we stock. Sleepers can provide robust features when used with decks or in general landscaping such as steps, raised plant beds and retaining walls. Standard Sleepers. Smooth Sleepers. Brushwood Sleepers French Oak Sleepers are a fantastic way of adding a touch of character to any outdoor space. With golden tones that turn to a silver-grey within 4 - 12 months (depending on direct sunlight and weather conditions), this is an attractive natural timber sleeper that is a popular choice for a range of outdoor projects Railway Sleepers - Pressure treated softwood that are perfect for all garden uses, raised beds, vegetable beds, decking, patios, borders etc. They provide beautiful straight edges and your landscaping project can be completed quickly and easily. The treatment is completely safe for children and pets alike

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Railway Sleeper - Sawn & Treated Brown Softwood £ 23.00 - £ 46.00 View products; Railway Sleeper - Sawn & Treated Green Softwood £ 20.00 - £ 44.00 View products; Railway Sleeper Cutting service £5-00 £ 5.00 Add to cart; Railway Sleepers - Charred Brushwood Sleeper £ 50.00 View products; Railway Sleepers - Oak £ 40.00 - £. Sleepers. 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm Green Treated Sleeper (sleeper) £24.08 each. £28.90 each (inc.VAT) Used for structural or decorative purposes in general construction, fencing or garden projects. Green tanalised pressure treated timber for effective protection against decay or insect and fungal attack. Robust and versatile softwood sleeper

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Oak sleepers are more naturally durable than softwood sleepers and have no chemical preservatives impregnated into the timber. This makes it a truly clean, fresh and natural product. If you would like to add an extra level of protection to your oak sleepers, UV resistant varnish will increase its waterproofing and enhance its attractive appearance Description. A great addition to any garden space, this sleeper can be used for a variety of purposes including as a border or raised bed. If left untreated and in contact with the ground, oak sleepers can expect to have a lifespan of around five to 15 years. If they are used out of the ground and are regularly maintained with a wood. Welcome to Sleepers Kent Call Us on 01474 444182 Or Visit Us At The Old Woodyard, Watling Street, Bean, Nr Dartford, Kent DA2 8AH (A296, Slip Road To The A2 Gravesend / Canterbury Bound) Mon - Fri, 7am - 5pm and Sat, 8am - 11am - We Would Be Pleased To See You! Sleepers Kent serving the whole Kent region with treated and used garden railway sleepers Our railway sleepers are available in a range of timber, including high end oak to entry level pressure treated softwood. Timber sleepers provide the perfect finish to your garden, from sleeper beds to retaining walls. Our garden sleepers are a tried and tested method for tidying up your edges, creating planting areas, edging along your patio.

New Oak Sleepers are untreated but the hardwood is exceptionally hardwearing. 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm. Size is approximate and can very slightly. Can be used with timber-fast screws, mending plates and corner braces. Sleepers will occasionally have splits and missing edges. Whilst we try to ensure we have a high quality product, sleepers sometimes. Oak is a durable species of timber and as such is ideal to be used in ground contact as a landscaping sleeper. As a species it requires no preservative treatment to give a long service life in ground contact. The oak sleepers supplied by Brookridge Timber are guaranteed to have two good faces and are ideal for a special project Oak Sleepers. Oak sleepers are cut from a lower grade of oak than products such as oak planks and oak beams. This means that oak sleepers contain more defects (or character!), which might include large knots, sapwood, wane and splits. The maximum length of a sleeper is 2.4 m. * Prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20%

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New Untreated Oak Railway Sleeper 200 x 100 x 2400mm *NEW STOCK Treated Sleeper Boards = £14.99 Each Inc VAT* New Sawn Treated Sleeper Board 200mm x 47mm x 2.4 We offer a range of quality garden sleepers including softwood new garden sleepers, reclaimed railway sleepers, hard oak garden sleepers. Most of the garden sleepers we well are pressure treated to UC4 rendering them suitable for use in ground contact situations such as retaining walls and raised beds, all in accordance with our customers' requirements

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Timber Merchant in Wigan. Local delivery and other areas. Landscaping timber, Fence materials, Oak & Softwood Sleepers, Posts, C16, C24 and more Sleepers. We supply reclaimed hardwood, tanalised, oak and new softwood railway sleepers for use in the home, garden and landscaping. Our reclaimed sleeper range is ideal for garden projects where a traditional style is required

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Find Sleeper Sofa Beds. Search a wide range of information from across the web with smartsearchresults.com Sleepers. OAK SLEEPERS. Oak is one of the most commonly used hardwoods as it is a very strong, heavy and durable timber giving it many uses. Perfect for retaining walls and making features in your garden. Our oak sleepers available in the following sizes: 1.8m - 200 x 100mm. 2.1m - 200 x 100mm. 2.4m - 200 x 100mm. 2.7m - 200 x 100mm Railway Sleepers Grade 1A Used Oak / Softwood 2.6M - These are reclaimed oak sleepers previously creosoted. They are in excellent condition and are the best of the reclaimed oak sleeper family. Railway Sleepers Reclaimed Crossing Timbers Used Oak - Reclaimed oak previously creosoted. Lengths vary between 2.8m and 3.5m These Oak Hardwood and Softwood Sleepers are ideal for use in the garden and can be used for Decking, Raised Beds, Planters, retaining walls, pathways and Garden furniture. FREE Delivery in Cornwall. If you have any questions about any of our products please call us on 0800 8021 223. One of our friendly sales advisors will be happy to help you RECLAIMED SLEEPERS OAK AUGUST OFFER. Add to basket. SLEEPERS HARDWOOD PACK OF 50 FULL SIZE SLEEPERS. Add to basket. Sale! £ 23.00 £ 22.00. SOFTWOOD SLEEPERS 200X100X2.4 APPROX TREATED TIMBER SOLD OUT. Read more. Whitford Info. Mon-Fri: 8am - 5p

New Softwood Green UC3 Treated Railway Sleepers 195mm x 95mm x 2.4m. Green pressure treated UC3 Railway Sleepers, square and uniform, easy to handle, ideal for most. £36.00 Ex Tax: £30.00. Add to Cart. New Softwood Green UC3 Treated Railway Sleepers 245mm x 120mm x 2.4m. Timeless (Brushwood) Railway Sleepers 125mm x 250mm x 2.4mts: These railway sleepers are shot blasted which removes the softer part of the grain, they are then Treated Brown which allows for a more attractive appearance: £64.45 inc vat [ View ] Oak Superior Grade Railway Sleepers, (New) 100mm x 200mm x 2.4mts. £36.75 New oak sleepers Used and reclaimed sleepers tend to have a lot more personality, each unique and ready-weathered. They come in anything from untreated hardwood to treated softwood, and a variety of timber types including pine, oak, jarrah, azobe and karri Sleepers Pressure Treated Brown. EAN: 65215. Description. Guaranteed Irish made from sustainable and renewable sources, sleepers have many different uses such as surrounding flower beds, part of a water feature, oruse as garden steps Un-treated Oak Sleepers AR325. Untreated Oak Sleepers, 8′ x 8″ x 4″ (2.43m x 203mm x101mm) These are not actually railway sleepers ; technically they should be called bulk timbers because they are manufactured new and have never seen use on a railway; but being so similar in size to the traditional used ones its easier to think of them.

Show on page. 12 24 36 All. Filters. Sawn Green Treated Incised FSC Sleepers - 100 x 200mm. £13.99 per Metre. Add to Basket. Save for later Add to Compare. Sawn Green Treated 1st Grade FSC Sleepers - 100 x 200mm. £11.58 per Metre Sleepers softwood 2.4m Our Softwood Sleepers are treated, meaning they can be used externally. The main applications for this product are for landscaping, amongst others. At The Timber Group we only supply products which are responsibly sourced and come with a clear Chain of Custody Sleepers - Timber. Reclaimed, Hardwood & Softwood. At Mid-Sussex Timber we have a wide variety of quality sleepers we stock Grade A Reclaimed, Treated Softwood and new untreated oak to give you the perfect finish Used treated OAK Hardwood Sleeper -LIMITED STOCK. A great sleeper to use, Good square edges. Great for edging and retaining walls. Creosoted goods should be handled with gloves. Dimensions: 2.6m x 250mm x 150mm (8'6″ x 10″ x 6″) £36.00 + va Like many durable hardwoods, they are not treated with any preservative. Our stocked oak sleepers measure 200mm x 100mm x 2.4mtrs. Other sizes are available to order, Please call with sizes and quantities for prices. UC4 Treated Softwood Sleepers. Our UC4 treated softwood sleepers are the most popular of all our new sleepers

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Decking, Sleepers & Landscaping. During the warmer months, decking can create a wonderful area in your garden to relax and enjoy your garden with family and friends. You can brighten up your garden space with our range of garden landscaping and fencing products:- Treated Softwood Sleepers & Oak Sleepers; Pressure treated timbe Buy Oak Sleepers - iWood. www.iwood.co.uk. enquiries@iwood.co.uk. 01889 279018. Home. Please note that iWood is a wholesale timber merchant, and because much of our timber is imported to order, we have a minimum order amount of £1,000 ex VAT (£1,200 inc VAT) Here is a look at how I built our oak sleeper retaining wall for the patio. More info below.TOOLS I USE - Makita Chainsaw - https://amzn.to/2HJDNFkPost Spir.. Softwood Sleepers are widely available as a standard treated spruce timber, these are usually very cheap but are not treated for ground contact this is why our softwood sleepers are a fully DOT spec incised redwood sleeper. We keep two sizes of softwood sleepers, the 3m x 125 x 250mm and the more popular 2.4m x 100 x 200mm - These 125 x 225 x 2400 sleepers are saw blade cut. - Dimensions: 125 x 225 x 2400 (mm) - 100% Oak timber. - Crosscuts available to order at £3.00 per cut. - Shipping calculated at checkout. - We use our own crane-equipped trucks and perform delivery within 5-15 working days.. The oak sleepers can be finished in many ways to suit your space and style

Oak sleepers. delivery in Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and throughout the South West. Size: 100mm x 200mm x 2.4m our European Oak Sleepers come from sustainable sources and are PEFC certified. The have two good faces and are perfect for landscaping or other gardening projects. They are naturally durable and will give a long service life when used. 100 x 200 Treated Softwood Sleepers. 125 x 250 Treated Softwood Sleeper. Green Oak Sleepers Sort. FSC Incised Sleeper Green Treated 2400 x 200 x 100mm Green. ISGFRX24. SKU: ISGFRX24. Trade Sign in or apply for trade prices. £ 31 .13 inc VAT each. £12.97 per metre. Loading. More details

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