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Scalar Scalar is a free, open source authoring and publishing platform that's designed to make it easy for authors to write long-form, born-digital scholarship online. Scalar enables users to assemble media from multiple sources and juxtapose them with their own writing in a variety of ways, with minimal technical expertise required Scalar is a open source, web-based publishing software from the University of Southern California's Alliance for Networking Visual Culture that allows you to create networked, multi-media online publications. Scalar's unique structure is based on a non-linear format that allows for flexible interactivity in the author's construction of each page The Ahmanson Lab at USC Libraries is offering a series of free Scalar webinars this summer.. Introduction to Scalar: July 7, 11am-1pm (PT) - CLOSED/FULL. This webinar will cover basic features of the platform; a review of select Scalar projects and use cases; and a hands-on introduction to media, annotations, paths, and tags

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  1. The Scalr infrastructure as code platform is a remote state & operations backend for Terraform with access controls, policy as code, and many quality of life features. Startups and public companies alike have selected the Scalr platform, from Samsung to NASA to startups like Heartflow
  2. Scalar is an open digital publishing platform for non-linear, media-rich scholarship. About this event Digital Scholarship Series. Scholars increasingly share their research in many forms, such as digital archives or collections, multimedia projects, interactive narratives, and more. Scalar, a digital scholarship platform developed by the.
  3. Scalr is a remote state & operations backend for Terraform with full CLI support, integration with OPA, a hierarchical configuration model, and quality of life features. Pricing Sign up free Loved and trusted by Get Started With The Scalr Basic
  4. Website of the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture, featuring information about the online publishing platform Scalar
  5. The term scalar comes from linear algebra, where it is used to differentiate a single number from a vector or matrix. The meaning in computing is similar. It distinguishes a single value like an integer or float from a data structure like an array
  6. The only zero trust platform that securely connects any user, any device, and any app over any network Proven Trusted by over 450 of the Forbes Global 2000 Market Leading Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader 10 years in a row Scalable: 150 DCs processing 10x the number of Google searches every da

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  1. Scalar Solutions is one of the leading Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Big Data consulting services and solutions firm. Our Big Data experts have helped several clients in different industry verticals such as financial, insurance, retail, e-commerce, and healthcare in making better data-driven decisions and solving the business challenges.
  2. Scalar is a new authoring and publishing platform now in development from the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture that's designed to make it easy for authors to write long-form, born-digital, media-rich scholarship online
  3. g in one concise, high-level language. Scala's static types help avoid bugs in complex applications, and its JVM and JavaScript runtimes let you build high-performance systems with easy access to huge ecosystems of libraries. Scala classes are.
  4. Scalar types represent types that can hold data of a specific kind. Scalars are leaf types, meaning we cannot use e.g. { fieldname } to further drill down into the type. A scalar must only know how to serialize and deserialize the value of the field. GraphQL gives us the freedom to define custom scalar types
  5. To start a Scalar project you must first register for a free Scalar account: Start at the Scalar website.; Click on the blue Sign In button in the banner at the top of the page.; In the subsequent screen, click on Register an account and enter the details. To get the registration key, fill out a short form by clicking on the form link.; After your register, you will be taken to the Index page
  6. g on PLATFORM), Curtis Fletcher and Erik Loyer from the Scalar development team will respond with their own.

Scalar Platform. Charge your EV smarter with Scalar Platform. The integrated and location-based service makes your driving more convenient. + Learn More. Emergency EV Charging. Power up your stranded EV at the roadside. Scalar offers roadside assistance service for emergency EV charging Scalar Energy originates from the sun and is a fundamental force in all of nature. Tom Paladino began research with Scalar Energy during his undergraduate years. He was inspired by various scientists, especially Nikola Tesla, as to the existence of an energy that was not of the electromagnetic spectrum. With this inspiration, he pursued a [

Three New Offerings Based on the Scalar Platform The first tape products based on the new Scalar platform are designed for three distinct environments: The Scalar i3 — Easy. Scalable We're building the ultimate GraphQL platform. By default, all custom scalars are treated like the String scalar. This means, that the client expects a string value and will deserialize it to a System.String.. If you want to change the serializationType or/and the runtimeType of a scalar, you have to specify the desired types in the schema.extensions.graphql Scalar Type Support Scalar types in GraphQL represent the leaf types of the graph like String or Int. Scalar values represent the concrete data that is exposed In this tutorial, we will explore more about using Scalars on Hypi's low code platform. So, here is the first question: What are scalars? Scalar types represent primitive leaf values in a GraphQL type system. GraphQL responses take the form of a hierarchical tree. The leaves of this tree are typically GraphQL Scalar types

Introducing Scalar: Git at scale for everyone. Git is a distributed version control system, so by default each Git repository has a copy of all files in the entire history. Even moderately-sized teams can create thousands of commits adding hundreds of megabytes to the repository every month. As your repository grows, Git may struggle to manage. Ambaras and McDonald built the site in Scalar, an open-source platform for digital publication created and maintained by the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture at USC.Below, Ambaras and McDonald discuss how they created the Bodies and Structures project. In a separate post (forthcoming on PLATFORM), Curtis Fletcher and Erik Loyer from the Scalar development team will respond with their own. Using the Scalar publishing platform. To create a Path: You can either make a new page or edit existing pages or media files to determine their type.From the page editor in your dashboard, click the Relationships tab. In this section, click To Make This Page a Path, then Specify the items that it contains.A pop-up window will appear 800+ Scaler Lives Transformed And Counting! Getting to learn System Design topics from people having worked at top companies that face a large scale, getting to learn algorithms from people who have been at ICPC World Finals is an altogether different experience. Naman Bhalla BML Munjal . Read the full story on Absolutely. SCALAR ACADEMY is the only platform which provides a road map to Product based companies in Software Development Engg. (SDE) roles. Majority of the students get placed in Amazon with a package of above 20 LPA. But go for SCALAR ACADEMY..

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  1. XSCALAR offers a range of servers that has gone through detailed R&D and intensive testing to deliver innovation.The availability of technology in the market combined with our expertise has managed the production of XSCALAR with focus in solving our customers' business needs. Our range of white box servers cater to the unique parameters and requirements from SME to Enterprise users. Our.
  2. Automate Document Processing. Achieve robust document understanding and extraction across any document type. Pre-trained but fine-tuned with your data to your exact use case, Scale Document guarantees 99%+ quality and low latency to reduce costs up to 90%+ with an optional human-in-the-loop review. Learn How →
  3. us Watch the videos Make a comment Consider: where is the Algeria in the work that you do
  4. The first products based on this new storage platform include the tape libraries, Scalar i6 and Scalar i3, as well as the purpose-built rich media archive appliance, StorNext AEL6. The new storage platform is the latest addition to Quantum's vast portfolio that stretches from tape storage to hybrid flash
  5. This essay is the last of a three-part series. Follow the links to read part one and part two.. In the first two parts of this series, we discussed how multivocality shapes the intellectual agenda of the Bodies and Structures project and how this intellectual agenda shapes and is shaped by the Scalar platform. In the final installment, we suggest specific ways to use Bodies and.
  6. In this presentation, Annie Tucker (Education and Outreach Archivist) will explore the use and unique features of Scalar, a free and open source authoring platform.The webinar will provide an introductory overview of how Scalar incorporates born-digital content and narrative text, demonstrate the use of core features, and discuss a sampling of projects that have utilized Scalar to illustrate.
  7. Custom Scalars. As an addition to the scalars listed above, you can define your own scalars for the client. A scalar has two representation: the runtimeType and the serializationType.The runtimeType refers to the type you use in your dotnet application. The serializationType is the type that is used to transport the value.. Let us explore this with the example of DateTime

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Quantum today announced a new Scalar storage platform optimized for storing and managing the ever-increasing volumes of unstructured data. The first new products based on this platform are the Scalar i6 and Scalar i3 tape libraries and the StorNext AEL6 purpose-built rich media archive appliance Here, Curtis Fletcher and Erik Loyer from the Scalar development team respond with their own thoughts on the collaboration with Bodies and Structures and the future of Scalar as a platform for humanities scholarship. Scalar Development Team: Erik Loyer and Curtis Fletcher. Scalar was born out of the experimental Vectors Lab in an attempt to.

The first new products based on this platform are the Scalar i6 and Scalar i3 tape libraries and the StorNext AEL6 purpose-built rich media archive appliance. The new Scalar platform is the latest addition to Quantum's multi-tier portfolio of workflow, hybrid flash, object-based, cloud and tape storage that enables customers to maximize the. Array scalars live in a hierarchy (see the Figure below) of data types. They can be detected using the hierarchy: For example, isinstance (val, np.generic) will return True if val is an array scalar object. Alternatively, what kind of array scalar is present can be determined using other members of the data type hierarchy PBO Scalar: 10X PBO Boost Clock Override: 200MHz Platform Thermal Throttle Limit: 255 CURVE OPTIMIZER: Negative 20 all core. LLC: Level 1 (not sure if necessary) My 5900X liked per core on the Curve Optimizer and benefitted from different values (check previous post). Your results may vary and should be tested to find the best settings/results Built-in scalar types¶. The built-in scalar types are shown below. Along with their (mostly) C-derived names, the integer, float, and complex data-types are also available using a bit-width convention so that an array of the right size can always be ensured (e.g. int8, float64, complex128).Two aliases (intp and uintp) pointing to the integer type that is sufficiently large to hold a C pointer. A semantic web platform. Unlike WordPress and other web content management systems, which are more suitable for blogging, Scalar is optimized for publishing longer, book-like, media-rich content on the web. The content is both linear—using paths like a traditional table of contents—and nonlinear—using tags for navigation

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Scalar is a free, open source authoring and publishing platform designed for scholars writing media-rich, born-digital scholarship. Scalar allows scholars to assemble media from multiple sources and juxtapose that media with their own writing in a variety of ways and to structure essay- and book-length works in ways that take advantage of the. Scalar i6 is the most efficient tape library on the market when it comes to time, space, power and cooling needs. The refreshed iLayer™ management software automates tasks such as report generation and distribution, and can be easily customized using RESTful web services, minimizing library management time The online publishing tool Scalar finds favor with authors and university presses. A digital publishing platform invented at USC is winning fans for its ability to steer readers through complex.

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Description. Extracts an array of JSON values, such as arrays or objects, and JSON-formatted scalar values, such as strings, integers, and booleans. If a JSON key uses invalid JSONPath characters, then you can escape those characters using single quotes and brackets. json_string_expr: A JSON-formatted string Topic: Scalars and Vectors | স্কেলার রাশি ও ভেক্টর রাশি | Platform Of BangladeshThe Class is conducted ByJoy BanikCE,CUET.Full Playlist:https://youtube. Developing a common vision and/or strategy, including identification of common values and strategic interests/objectives, for different planning areas can provide a base for coordination of plans under a multi-scalar approach. The 'Handbook on Visions' - prepared by the EU MSP Platform - can support planners in developing such future visions

Scalar i6000 Downloads. Drivers. Firmware. Documentation. Download Tape Drive Drivers, Jan 2018 - 2.2 MB. Note: Veritas BackupExec and Veritas NetBackup Drivers. If you are using Veritas BackupExec or Veritas NetBackup you should use the device driver that came with your software backup package The Scalar site includes a few examples of projects that use it. WordPress - great for simple web publishing and blogging out of the box; lots of plugins are available to turn WordPress into a platform for text annotation (CommentPress), social networking , etc The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered Beyond bringing large-scale, secure digital display networks to market, Scala is adding deep insights into consumer and employee behaviors, patterns and preferences — every digital sign can be a sensor, informing marketing and retail strategy. By analyzing this data, retailers and marketers can personalize and continually optimize in-store. platform = uavPlatform(name,scenario) creates a platform with a specified name name and adds it to the scenario, specified as a uavScenario object. Specify the name argument as a string scalar. The name argument sets the Name property

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Viktor Grebennikov levitates on a scalar energy platform. Scalar en... ergy is the cause of gravity and Grebennikov was able to manipulate scalar energy in order to negate the affect of gravity. See Mor Scalar, Tel Aviv, Israel. 1,109 likes · 350 talking about this. A Progressive Rock / Metal band from Israel. Formed in 2016. Influenced by a variety of bands and genres from Progressive Rock to Djent Hi, When we ingest data from our RP to LA, there are some fields and we explicitly set null values. This is not for all scenarios. In other scenario, string values will be filled for those columns. For eg - For Job A, field 1 will be null. But in case of Job B, field 1 will be having string valu.. nTop Platform 2.30 is here! This release gives you the ability to import and use the properties of bitmaps to drive variables in your workflow. These new blocks can also be used to generate 3D textures. In addition to usage improvements and bug fixes, this release also features a new export block called Export Slices to CLS, which gives you the. Real Vlocity Platform Developer Dumps is an Integral Part of Preparation . Are you striving to get a good job or looking for a promotion in your current job? Don't waste your time and register for the Vlocity Platform Developer Exam Vlocity Platform Developer exam to become a certified professional

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SCALAR - A Platform for Real-time Machine Learning Competitions on Data Streams Python Java R Batchfile Submitted 31 August 2020 • Published 05 December 2020. Software repository Paper review Download paper Software archive Review. Editor: @galessiorob. These descriptions may appear in multiple places in Scalar. Content can be added to pages much like adding content to a blog platform like Wordpress. Visual and HTML views are available and the content editor allows for editing styles, alignments, headings, bullet points, etc Despite its embryonic status (open beta), Scalar delivers an exciting new Web-publishing platform that will scale to and perhaps expand the boundaries of your book, chapter, or online project

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Scalars. Scalars are value types. They contain their payload directly and don't need boxing. Characters are enclosed in double quotes \ and can make use of the escape sequences \n, \t, \ or \ to produce a newline, tab, double quote or backslash character, respectively. If more than one unescaped character is enclosed in quotes, the noun is a. Scalar Learning® - Welcome to Scalar Learning! We teach core curriculum subjects to an array of students both in Los Angeles and abroad. Our team is experienced, fun, and highly knowledgeable across all academic disciplines and standardized tests. Moreover, we will make sure that your student is paired with the right tutor to ensure maximum.

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ID scalar type represents a unique identifier, often used to refetch an object or as the key for a cache. ID is serialized as String, but it is not intended to be human-readable. ID could represent, from small auto-increment numbers to large 128-bit random numbers, to base64 encoded values, or string values of a format like GUID As a Platform Engineer at Media.net, scaled low latency systems with millions of queries per second; 16+ years of coding experience across a variety of programming languages & paradigms. Has a keen eye for good coding practices The scalar_mul kernel operates on two input blocks (window) of data input_window_int32 and produces an output window of data output_window_int32. The APIs window_readincr and window_writeincr are used to read and write to the circular buffers outside the kernel Financial experts from all over the world working together to improve transaction system without third parties. One of results of that work has a name of Litecoin Finance. Join the community today, give a step into tomorrow Quadient Inspire - our award-winning and market-dominating Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform - enables organizations to create and deliver personalized, compliant customer communications across all digital and traditional channels, from one centralized hub

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Anonymous, About Scalar, contributed by , Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 21. Scalar i3 was designed specifically to give mid-sized IT environments the kind of protection provided by LTO media, while solving the problems associated with cost, scaling, and management. The Scalar i3 can start as a single, 3U unit, providing dense, cost-effective backup storage of up to 750 TB

ChilliCream Platform Update 11.1. Today we are releasing Hot Chocolate server and Strawberry Shake client 11.1. This release brings many things that we skipped for the initial release of Hot Chocolate server 11. The platform now contains four major components: Hot Chocolate server, Hot Chocolate gateway, Banana Cake Pop, and Strawberry Shake Scalar i2000 Downloads. Designed for enterprise customers needing the highest level of scale, performance and security to meet the most demanding archive and long-term compliance requirements. Drive usage reports and media integrity analysis tools for advanced library resource management and diagnostics Provides Most Efficient, Lowest Cost Storage for Unstructured Data Quantum Corp. today announced a new Scalar® storage platform optimized for storing and managing the ever-increasing volumes of unstructured data. The first new products based on this platform are the Scalar i6 and Scalar i3 tape libraries and the StorNext AEL6 purpose-built rich media archive appliance Scalar DL: Tamper-evident and Scalable Distributed Ledger. Scalar DL is a blockchain-inspired distributed ledger which achieves: High tamper-evidence of data by utilizing digital signature, hash chain, determinism and decentralization. Scalable and highly available ACID-compliant smart contract executions The CEVA-XC16 DSP is based on a unified scalar and vector-processing platform, using two independent scalar cores, sharing the same coherent tightly coupled memory sub-system, to facilitate true simultaneous and symmetric multithreading operation. Combined with an innovative dynamic multithread Vector Compute Unit (VCU) resource allocation.

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Quantum today announced a new Scalar storage platform optimized for storing and managing the ever-increasing volumes of unstructured data. The first new products based on this platform are the Scalar i6 and Scalar i3 tape libraries and the StorNext AEL6 purpose-built rich media archive appliance. The new Scalar platform is the latest addition. Introducing the New Scalar Storage Platform. Unstructured data is growing exponentially across all industries; the industry is in a state of transition from a sheer scale-of-data perspective. And now we've completely redesigned one of our flagship storage platforms to help you deal with it. Be the first to experience our newest storage.

Projects Filters Dashboards Apps Create. InsightEdge Platform Software project. Main Scrum Board Boar Any element to be stored in a Platform::Collections::Vector must support equality comparison, either implicitly or by using a custom std::equal_to comparator that you provide. All reference types and all scalar types implicitly support equality comparisons platform - C software portability definitions and functions SYNOPSIS (2^30 - 1), i.e., up to 1 gig] and a count of gigs [ranging from 0 to (2^31 -1)]. A Scalar can represent a numeric value up to 2 billion billions, i.e., 2 million trillions. void loadScalar(Scalar *scalar, signed int value) Sets. SAP HANA Platform Browse by Product You can create, edit, and activate design-time scalar and table user-defined functions (UDF). These functions are added to a SELECT statement in the body of a stored procedure. Procedure. Open a New Scalar Function or New Table Function wizard

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Orientation angle of the platform about the z-axis of the scenario frame, specified as a scalar in degrees. Pose Estimation — Accuracy of platform pose estimation tab Accuracy of the platform pose estimation, specified as standard deviations for three rotational angles : Roll , Pitch , and Yaw , and two translational motion quantities. heterogeneous compute platform that combines Scalar Engines, Adaptable Engines, and Intelligent Engines to achieve dramatic performance improvements of up to 20X over today's fastest FPGA implementations and over 100X over today's fastest CPU implementations—for Data Center, wired network, 5G wireless, and automotive driver assist applications In the true spirit of 'walking the talk' with X+O, SAP Cloud Platform decided to act on the feedback from customers/partners. As a result, we are pleased to announce that there is an update to the backing services - hyper-scaler strategy

This property is read-only. Orientation of the platform, specified as a 3-element vector of scalars in degrees. The three scalars are the [yaw, pitch, roll] rotation angles from the local reference frame to the platform's body frame.You should only specify Orientation when creating a stationary platform (Note: I have also asked this question here) Problem I have been trying to get Google Cloud's AI platform to display the accuracy of a Keras model, trained on the AI platform. I configured th Local variables are declared using DECLARE keyword and they can optionally be initialized with their declaration. By default scalar variables are initialized with NULL. A scalar variable var can be referenced the same way as described above using :var . If you want to access the value of the variable, then use :var in your code PBO2 Curve Optimizer. I've recently bought a ryzen 5600X and as aorus release the BIOS with the AGESA for my B550 motherboard I started messing around with PBO settings. I'm still trying to understand how to squeeze the max out of It, I achieved a max clock of 4,8641 in all core boost, with 78 C temps Re: 'summarize' operator: Failed to resolve scalar expression named 'TimeGenerated' Hi Dapeng Li, Put shortly - once you apply the first `summarize` by instance name and computer, you lose the TimeGenerated column

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  1. Standard SQL user-defined functions. A user-defined function (UDF) lets you create a function by using a SQL expression or JavaScript code. A UDF accepts columns of input, performs actions on the input, and returns the result of those actions as a value. You can define a UDFs as either persistent or temporary
  2. Scalar fields occur throughout physics, as spin--zero quantum fields. A scalar field is always present in the context of Dirac's large number hypothesis and also in all unified field theories; it appears as a possible type of matter, i.e., as dilatons and as inflatons in the early periods of the Universe, as a candidate to describe the dark.
  3. ute workshop, Will Fenton, Director of Research and Public Programs at the Library Company of Philadelphia, will offer a brief tour of his Scalar-based digital humanities project, Digital Paxton, followed by an introduction to Scalar (Alliance for Networking Visual Culture) as an online publishing platform with a comparative.
  4. An advanced robotics platform designed to help you build consumer, enterprise or industrial robots with 5G connectivity, on-device AI and machine learning, superior computing, and intelligent sensing capabilities. The Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform supports the development of next generation of high-compute, AI-enabled, low power robots and.

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In-memory computing on a photonic platform Scheme of the multiplication of two scalars a and b, codified in the device transmittance T and in the energy of the read pulse P in.(D) The low-energy read pulse P in, which propagates through without inducing phase change, is measured at the output with an amplitude modu A document is our man-in-the-middle format, and is a nested array of scalar data. The Car Projection We need this one first, as API Platform will use it as its API resource Scalar is a .NET Core application installable on Windows or MacOS. Repos cloned with the scalar clone command use GVFS to reduce the amount of data needed to start a repository. By delaying blob. In scalar functions, function_body is a series of Transact-SQL statements that together evaluate to a scalar value. scalar_expression Specifies the scalar value that the scalar function returns. select_stmt APPLIES TO: Azure Synapse Analytics Is the single SELECT statement that defines the return value of an inline table-valued function (preview)

nTop Platform 2.29 is here! This release features Maps, a powerful new capability that enables you to create functionally parameterized unit cells. In addition, this release features several user enhancements such as a new shortcut for converting a CAD face into an Implicit and a Boundary Layer Mesh block that lets you create volume meshes with. This class is part of a private API. You should avoid using this class if possible, as it may be removed or be changed in the future. Each platform provides: - .platform_keys - #platform_trace - #platform_field_key(type, field oracle magazine article. george joseph, August 15, 2011 - 12:30 pm UTC. Hi Tom. In the article on Oracle Magazine, how is it that with scalar subquery caching enabled the number of function calls resulted in only 66 calls when the distinct number of owners was 32 as was demostrated in the query involving the result cache User-Defined Functions (UDFs) that are implemented in Transact-SQL and that return a single data value are known as T-SQL Scalar User-Defined Functions (UDFs). Microsoft SQL Server 2019 introduced the Scalar UDF Inlining feature that can improve the performance of queries that invoke T-SQL Scalar UDFs, in which UDF execution is the main bottleneck The secret sauce is in NEC's scalar processing unit, which takes in all the non-vector instructions on each code while the vectorized C, C++, and Fortran with MPI run on the VE. These units are scalable with each host handling up to 8 VE machines (in the case of the Naval Research Lab these were housed in an HPE Apollo 6500 Gen 10 8 VE system)

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Man, I'd love it if Scalar made a 509t LEAP — that 509 hanging off the end and not flush on the front would bug me. :) #OCDoptics Of course, it would have been even better if Holosun made the 509 use a RMR plate natively that sit the optic the same place as a Trijicon would have on the riser... 2. level 2. ObviousClone DTC control platform. Stator flux linkage is estimated by integrating the stator voltages. Torque is estimated as a cross product of estimated stator flux linkage vector and measured motor current vector.The estimated flux magnitude and torque are then compared with their reference values.If either the estimated flux or torque deviates too far from the reference tolerance, the transistors of.

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