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  1. Author A.A. Milne, who is perhaps best known for his books about a teddy bear named Winnie-the-Pooh, once wrote: How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.. While saying goodbye does mean accepting that a part of our life is now over, it also provides us with a chance to realize just how blessed our lives have been
  2. Now, to be blessed did not merely mean to be set apart. It meant to be set apart for something. There is no virtue in simply being different. Israel was holy because it was set apart for the Lord. To be blessed (or to have an object blessed) is to be set apart for a purpose
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Yet, the author of Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Miline, was able to communicate the meaning a message that readers at any age could understand. That is one of love, friendship, responsibility and profound loss. A.A. Miline told us through Winnie the Pooh that love is precious and friends are forever. She also told us that life is fragile and the. Growing up in western culture, I have most commonly heard the phrase I am blessed in reference to good fortune, a desired outcome, or comfort. In fact, I myself have often used it in this way. It's certainly true that the earthly gifts we receive on earth, such as comforts, desired outcomes, success, and the friendships we enjoy, are.

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I want to share a personal story with you, the impetus for creating this section of the site, and a story I am humiliated to have to share. And yet I feel it is essential, for it is the reason I want to start something with a real focus on the positive, and a place for me to share how blessed I feel and how grateful I am Love this post. I have one thing to add/modify. Post says * Give away things you don't need or use * I say: Give away 1 thing , ( One of your favorite things, something that you really love) not something you don't want anyway. It's a two-fold blessing. The person who receives the gift is blessed If you wanna hear the full quote in situ, check out this clip from the last minutes of the film The Other Side of the Mountain. Full quote: I remember the words that Dick Buek said to me the last time I saw him: How lucky I am to have known someone and something that saying goodbye is so damned awful. Opportunities for being a insufferable.

How Blessed I Am. Loving you is something I just can't stop. There is no controlling my heart. It has yearned for you for so long, the only song I sing is of you. In every cell of my body; in every corner of my being my love for you fills me. Whenever I am with you, it is like having my emotional batteries recharged with joy How blessed I am to have a magnificent person like you whom I call my friend and brother/sister. On this special day of your life, I wish you all the good fortune in the world. May this anniversary celebration mark the beginning of breathtaking accomplishments in your life The life that you have right now is the greatest blessing you could ever receive. Heart Touching Quotes. It is liking the things that you do rather than doing what you like that makes you blessed. Having you as my friend is one of the blessings I will forever be thankful for. Each day that I see your face, I know that I am blessed to have you 8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. 9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God. 10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11 Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me

Some people think of blessed as a spiritual term for good fortune, like when we receive something good, the desired outcome, or an exceptional comfort. But what does it really mean to be blessed? The word blessed derives from the Greek term makarios, which means fortunate, happy, enlarged, or lengthy. We might think being blessed here means something outward, like having a good life. But in Galatians 3:13 and 14, the apostle Paul specifically explained what blessed in Genesis 12:3 means: Christ has redeemed us out of the curse of the law, having become a curse on our behalf;. I am a firm believer in the concept of God, the Father, the Creator of heaven and earth, the center of all goodness and righteousness. I understand greatly that there are people out there besides me and my fellow God-worshippers that will disagree but let me tell you that this is my personal story and I will not condemn or judge you for your contrasting beliefs Blessed vs. Bless-ed - the differece is important in the American vernacular. I am blessed typically implies that God did something for me. I am bless-ed typically implies there is something intrinsic about me. I am sure that what Jimmy's reader was asking was how do we know which implication is right I have learned that just because others will react one way or another I do not need guilt ; just hold yourself in the knowledge that you have been blessed and that God blesses according to his ideas , others will be blessed too in various ways. I don't have guilt any longer but am careful who I share with.

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I have my BA in criminal Justice. I worked at a jail as a detention officer until I got hurt and had to have surgery on my knee and I am just praying for something as I enjoy helping others if I can. I feel like im at a standstill in my life and I admit I dont know what to do as I pray that god will place me with a good company or organization Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who. 2,143 Likes, 71 Comments - Erika Owens (@glitterbuggin) on Instagram: ⁣How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. - Winnie The Pooh ⠀ ⠀ I

4. I am blessed to have so many great things in my life; family, friends and God. All will be in my thoughts daily. - Lil' Kim. 5. Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken. - Albert Camus. 6. Some wish blessings, others pray for them. Some send blessings and they become one. - Joyce C. Lock. 7 Let me just say how truly blessed I am!! The things I have done / accomplished in my life at such a young age is something that not even 0.001 % of the world will ever do! Like wtf who would have ever thought a small kid from Alvarado TX would fight in a stadium full of 25 THOUSAND PLL! If you say you've been blessed, you feel lucky to have something: health, love, fame, fortune, talent, etc. I'm very happy for you; the only time I feel blessed is when I sneeze. You can pronounce blessed as one syllable (blest) or as two (bless-id). How blessed I am to have you in my life? 1 Quoteswave have collection of famous quotes and sayings by popular authors. We have biggest database of famous proverbs and quotes with images . We have categorized all quotes with different topics and tags like love quotes , inspirational, motivational, life, friendship, success, smile, achievement and belief quotes

How lucky I am to have known somebody and something that saying goodbye to is so damned awful. ― Evans G. Valens, The Other Side of the Mountain: The Story of Jill Kinmont tags: misattributed-to-a-a-miln 55. I am truly blessed! I woke up this morning with so many messages from all of you for my birthday! Thank you so much for being such a great part of my life. 56. To all of my family and friends, I am so lucky to have all of you sending me thoughtful messages that are full of love on my birthday. Thank you so much! 57 Once a religious object is blessed and dedicated for divine worship or veneration, it must be treated with reverence and not be used in either an improper or profane way (cf. Code of Canon Law, no. 1171). However, blessed religious objects break or wear from use. The basic rule for the disposition of these items is to burn or to bury them I am so blessed to have colleagues like you at work. Again, thank you so much for being so thoughtful. 9. To all of my dearest colleagues, I count myself as truly blessed to work in an office where every employee is there for each other. You have made this workplace into a family instead of just an office I have been so blessed to have had you as a spiritual mentor. You have truly helped me on my journey and I thank God for you every day. Thank you so much for your love, support, and mentorship. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Your spiritual mentorship, advice, and support has been invaluable to me over the past couple of years

If you have something, you can give something, says Deborah. It's not possible to give something to the others if you have nothing. I am so happy for the gospel, and that the Bible becomes so living when I read it. God's Spirit points out what I need to deal with in myself - pride, complaining, etc I am blessed to have so many great things in my life - family, friends and God. All will be in my thoughts daily. Lil' Kim. I am blessed with a funny gene that makes me enjoy life. Karan Patel. I am blessed to be a proud father of a daughter. Adnan Sami. There is a lot I need to thank God for, everyday

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I am blessed that we are stil very much alive. Praise God. After we have gone through series of calamities such as earthquake, multiple aftershocks, then a tornado and after few weeks we had this super typhoon Yolanda , and again another earthquake. I know for sure this is God's wake up call for everybody to repent and turn to Him I have been going through a tough time for about 6 1/2 years now.I am seperated from my wife 6 1/2 yrs through my own fault, i hurt the very people i was suppose to be taking care of, we are both christians and, i wasn't prepared for what the enemy threw at me and got swallowed up big time, losing the trust my wife had in me, i was the only. Bible Verses about Blessings - Blessed Scripture Quotes Biblical blessings are often associated with protection and happiness. God's blessings are meant to protect us, guide us to the path of righteousness, and give us hope. Use these Bible verses to remind you of the many blessing you can claim as a child of God! You do not have to fear the future when God's hand is over your life. You're the cutest person I have ever seen and I'm honored to be cared and loved by someone as amazing as you are, just as much as I'm blessed to have you in my life. You're indeed the best thing that ever happened to me and I love you more than you can imagine Although I tell you this many times every day, I want you to know that I will never get tired saying it. I love you, and I am very blessed to have a wife like you. You are the missing part of me, and having you in my life feels like I have finally come home. I love you, now and always

And He took them up in His arms and blessed them. (Mark 10:15-16) The curse of the Lord is on the house of the wicked, but He blesses the habitation of the just. (Proverbs 3:33) And He led them out as far as Bethany, and He lifted up His hands and blessed them I am so glad to have you my better half. A lot of people say that marriage is a big responsibility. But thanks to you, because our marriage is a blessing. You have never abandoned me even in the darkest hour. You have stayed strong and given me strength too. You are the best thing in my life. I am so lucky to have you as my husband

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We might think being blessed here means something outward, like having a good life. But in Galatians 3:13 and 14, the apostle Paul specifically explained what blessed in Genesis 12:3 means: Christ has redeemed us out of the curse of the law, having become a curse on our behalf;. 12. Sometimes in life, it can be hard to remember all the blessings we have. But I am really blessed in so many ways. I am blessed to have a loving husband and a wonderful family. My son [groom] has blessed our family with so many happy memories and we are eternally proud of him. And now, [groom] is blessed to have [bride] as his wife When You *Don't* Have to Say Something in Confession. Jimmy Akin Blogs March 31, 2011. Properly catechized Catholics know that, when we have committed mortal sins, we are obliged to confess them. I am blessed to have you The best Dad through and through. More Fathers Day Poems; Wishing you a Happy Fathers Day on this day, and wishing you happiness and sunshine for the coming year. Thanks for all you are and all you do. May the love and respect we feel for you make up for the worry and care we have caused you

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Since we have opened up this site, we have received many questions from people all across the world. If I had to rank one question that might be one of the most frequently asked questions, it might be the actual title of this article - exactly how am I to be led by the Holy Spirit - and exactly how does the Holy Spirit communicate to all of us in this life Rina, I thank the Lord for directing me to your blog. I have been so Encouranged and Empowered and Blessed..words can not express how I feel..all I can say is Thank you Jesus!!! I know God placed you here to fullfil your purpose that He had for you at this time in your life Continue to let the Lord Have His way the Best is yet to come I am married to a Worship Pastor, we have 3 boys, and I am a Preschool Director. I love sharing easy, fun ideas to help moms build a happy home! Here you will find simple crafts, FREE Printables, yummy recipes, stories about my journey to trust Jesus with my family, and encouragement for your mama's heart

Here's a list of 10 things that explain why people who have an older sister are blessed. 1. She will be there for you. Always. - People come and go but true friends stay in our lives forever. That is so true when it comes to your big sister. No matter what happens - good or bad she will be by your side 45. I am what I am, I am doing very well in my life, and I'm thankful to God for that.- LL Cool J. 46. Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.— Randy Rausch. 47. When a person doesn't have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity. - Elie Wiesel. 48

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How should I respond to I'm so lucky to have you in my life? You can take it as a compliment and say either, Thanks! or Thanks, that's nice to hear or even What a lovely thing to say! This is what I would do. If you want to encourage this. I am very blessed to have a priest that helps me when I am experiencing these types of disturbances. The gratitude I have for him is immense and I pray for him all the time. He prays special prayers of deliverance of over me, and gives me the anointing of the sick. When my priest recently prayed over me, I was very anxious Let me know if you have any questions, 7. How to end an email when someone's done something for you. Someone went out of their way to do something for you. Here's how to end an email with appreciation: Thanks again for [what they did for you — make it a quick phrase], You're the best, 8

But there is something that we can do because the road to peace starts with me and you. The road to a world restored begins with each of us in our own way waging peace. Before we can wage peace out in the world, we need to wage peace in our hearts and in our personal relationships. Blessed Are the Peacemaker I am 34 and can now say I have improved. My brother Priest is now my spiritual director and he is very understanding as he had them too (and still does get them sometimes). I was in the habit of asking if every single thing that was troubling me was a mortal sin or not, I would explain everything and he would answer but it wasn't helping as I. I am grateful every day for my little girl, and have only recently wondered what my life would have been like without her. I shudder to think that I would have missed out on 28 years of a boatload of happiness, laughter, tears, drama, long hugs and deep sighs. We are blessed, Ande, you and I. I am a huge, HUGE fan of Auntie Mame! No surprise there H ere are four very important Bible verses about fighting the good fight of faith.. 2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. The 2 nd Book of Timothy and chapter four might be one of the most heartbreaking chapters for me to read. For one thing Paul wrote I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure. I have to disagree - I've read that the Pope does not bless anything that doesn't already belong to someone. He blesses things at the Papal Blessing when you hold up your items as he sends his blessing. The shop closest to the Vatican would be a gift shop in Vatican City, and those items are not pre-blessed

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I reviewed some of the answers, and I realized something. I realized how naïve, I have been. I suppose, I simply took for granted, that everyone who calls themselves Christian, believes that Jesus actually performed these miracles. 'fact is, many Christians do not believe in these miracles, or in miracles, at all. I have wrestled with it Here are three ways that you are the center of the universe. Unique. One of a kind. The apple of God's eye. There was never anyone like you before, there is no one like you now, and there will never be anyone like you ever again. Your blessing of time is at hand. So jump on this precious life and ride it for all it's worth I am just sending this short thank you note to tell you how appreciative I am of all your love and support in my trying times. God bless you! Gracias Muchos! My most profound thanks for being so thoughtful and caring. I can't tell you how blessed I am to have you. Thank you so much for everything II Corinthians 9:8-12 (ESV) God has not blessed me so I can hoard what I have been given. Certainly, as Ecclesiastes taught, I am allowed to enjoy my blessings. But, I must remember that the main reason for which God has blessed me is so I may be a blessing to others. This is not the health and wealth gospel that performs good deeds selfishly.

4) Be a blessing to others. The Bible teaches us the principle of sowing and reaping. Simply put, if we want to reap blessings, we sow it. Choose to be a blessing to others, and see how God blesses you so that you can continue to be a blessing. Proverbs 11:25 tells us, The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered. That I am blessed to bless. Gifted to give. I am not lucky, fortunate, or merely disciplined; I am expected to do something with the grace I've been given. And so are you. When I was younger, I didn't understand gratitude. In a universe that seemed to hurt for no reason, giving thanks felt disingenuous. Living in a world where children die of. I Am Blessed Submitted By: jennybecca. Not everyone is as lucky as I am. I have found someone with whom I can share my deepest secrets, my laughs, my tears, and everything in between. You listen and you care, and I never doubt your love for me. Words can't begin to describe how you make me feel A prayer of thanks after a blessing might be something like: Heavenly Father, I am so humbled that you have blessed me with the gift of a child. I thank you with my whole heart. Please protect my unborn baby and give me wisdom to be a good parent. Amen

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53. I don't think you have any idea how blessed you are, quit complaining and start being thankful for all you have. 54. You have been blessed with the gift of life; live, love and learn. Take care of yourself, your family and friends. Give your love, receive love. Live life to the fullest I am so glad that I found this. I have been so BLESSED by it. There is a guy at work who likes me, but I keep questioning if he is the one, but after reading this, I see he is not. He doesn't even go to church anymore and he can't give me an answer as to when he may want to go. He says IDK. No, we are just friends. Thank You I remind myself every year on this special day how blessed I am to have been given another year to experience the wonders of this beautiful world! God is good! My birthday is a day I cherish and love. Every single day, I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming up such incredible, giving friends and family

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this is something that i needed to read today. my husband and i lost our first baby 12-30-13, i was 22 weeks and 3 days along when he came, he lived for 1 hour and 15 min, i was blessed with that amount of time with my son. i don't know why God chose to take my baby boy away from us but he has a plan for us and in time we will know why. And by you saying he ruined your life, is very bad to say, he changed my life, I have lived through alot of this, all because I did ask, and I lived, I am getting through, and its thanks to God, he can get you through anything, all things are possible with him, and that is true, my anxiety and depression have gone down (I am still human), and I. 8. Thanks for being there for me today. I am blessed to have you in my life. I love you tenderly. 9. When I am sad and unhappy, you make me feel better and smile wholeheartedly. Thank you so much my princess. 10. You've seen all my flaws and imperfections, yet you love me the way I am. I really appreciate you so much and I love you beyond words Something a lot of us could work on. We must pray everyday not only for being able to listen better to God, but have the humility of Esther, the humility to listen. 9. God Can Bring Something Beautifully Good Out Of Something Bad. Esther 1:12: But when the attendants delivered the king's command, Queen Vashti refused to come. Then the king. Bridgeton Pentecostal Holiness Church- Holiness Crusade 201 Here are my personal steps to cope with bad situations and create something good out of them: 1. Release your frustrations. Don't bottle them up because you might just implode. Talk to a friend about it. A listening ear does wonders. Go exercise and release the tension. Journal it out. 2