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You will need to help the baby nurse by holding the ewe for several hours. If the two have not bonded in a few days, it may be best to just pull the lamb from the situation and bottlefeed it yourself. Baby can't find teat - It the lamb isn't finding the teat in a timely manner (within 12 hours), it may need some assistance Lambing. Lambing is divided into several phases. In the first phase, the cervix dilates and the birth canal is prepared for delivery. This phase lasts for approximately 12 to 24 hours. At the end of this phase, a clear-whitish discharge will appear. The presence of the mucous discharge means that lambing has begun Re: How long to leave a ewe? « Reply #14 on: March 26, 2013, 10:01:08 am » I agree with Sally, sheep take time to lamb and one and ahalf hours is no time,mine are usually 4-5 after getting up laying down etc.Its not so much having the confidence to intervene its having the confidence and experience to knowwhen not to.Pleased everything went well Most ewes will lamb unaided and about 95% of lambs are born in the normal presentation, forefeet first. A normal delivery usually takes 5 hours from the start of cervical dilation to the delivery of the lamb, 4 hours for the dilation of the cervix and 1 hour for the actual delivery. The first 4 hours often go unnoticed Wait for three months after the last lambing to regain her energy. Remember, malnourished, very old, and too young breeds are not fit for breeding. How To Tell If A Sheep Is Heated Naturally, ewes get heated every 17 days which remains about 30 to 36 hours

Soon after birth, it begins nibbling on dry feed. By three weeks of age, its developing rumen makes the lamb more efficient at converting feed than the ewe. Typically, the ewe's milk production peaks 3 to 4 weeks after lambing and steadily declines to about half as much by 10 weeks The lambing process is controlled by a complex system of hormonal changes. It is naturally the lamb which decides the exact lambing timeframe. However, the normal gestation length of the ewe lasts for about 143 to 147 days

In a few minutes, the ewe will get up and start to lick the lamb and begin the bonding process. If the lamb is clearly alive and breathing, leave them to get on with it. After ten minutes or so, the ewe will have accepted the lamb and you may move them to the mothering pen I'm not saying it can't happen, but I've never had it happen to me. Even with hair sheep (which I don't raise intensively) I can get 3 lambings in 2 years. If they came in heat and rebred easily less than 2 months after lambing, it would be more like 4 1/2 lambings in 2 years. I think that's asking a lot from a ewe We field lamb now, no jugs. When we had our wool sheep, we would jug them for 24hrs per lamb. then we turned them back in with the flock. The temp really isn't a factor as long as they have shelter. There is studies that say housing them for too long, then putting them back into the eliments can effect even the ewes ability to stay warm Check the ewe and lambs again in 1 ½ hours to make sure the ewe owns the lambs and they are nursing properly. The ewe will normally pass the after birth in one or two hours. Do not attempt to pull the after birth out. How to help a sheep give birt

145 Day Sheep Gestation Table and Lambing Calculator, Information by Treasure Valley Sheep Producer The primary cause of lamb deaths, from when a ewe goes into labour until the lamb is three days of age, is dystocia. The death rate goes up if a ewe is carrying twins or triplets. MOTHER LOVE Young ewes usually don't have as strong a maternal instinct as older ewes, although some breeds are just natural mothers from the start

Most people in the sheep industry are probably aware of the changing landscape of both this commodity and all of agriculture. Producers have more marketing options than ever before; currently, non-traditional markets make up 30% of sheep sales in the U.S. On the retail side, there are grocers committed to selling either exclusively or partially American lamb; some have even started in-store. Stage 7 The ewe licks the amniotic fluid off the lamb, cleaning her baby and bonding with it. Stage 8 This ewe continues cleaning the lamb as she rests before her 2nd lamb is born. You can almost make out the 2nd lamb's feet (see arrow). Stage 9 The first lamb searches for the teat and begins to suckle as the ewe cleans her second lamb.

you can add five months to the date when the ewe was last bred to predict when she will lamb. The exact gestation period varies by breed, from 142-154 days. For our Cotswolds at Maple Lawn Farm, we used 150 days to predict lambing A lamb that is normally presenting will have its head and front limbs coming out first. If you need to pull a lamb, it is important that you keep a few things in mind. First, if a lamb dies inside of a ewe, the lamb will swell and any lubricating fluid will be lost, making it more difficult to get the lamb out without tearing the long skinny red thing may be the fluid sac and the lamb should be born within half an hour if not you need tyo get the vet in, or someone who has sheep experience

The crayon is changed once again seventeen days after the previous crayon was changed and the ram is kept with the ewes until 2-4 weeks before lambing starts If the ewe has twins or triplets, the next lambs could arrive within minutes or could be half an hour between them. Once the first has been born, move it to a side pen that has a good layer of fresh bedding, and the ewe will follow In a few hours the impulse to strain stops. Although ewes can lamb past a harness, we remove it when lambing. Step 1. Note that this harness design relies on the tail to keep it centered

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  1. us five days), the ram would need to go out on the 6th of February for a 1 July target birthdate
  2. utes. Once the front legs are visible, lambs should be born within 30-45
  3. Created Date: 3/25/2012 9:45:29 PM Title: Lambing Part 3 - Vaginal and Uterine Prolapse Keywords: NADIS, National Animal Disease Information Service, Animal Diseas
  4. ewes mated and expected spread of lambing. High protein feed supplements can be used for preparation of rams for mating if high quality pasture is limited. Depending on terrain and adequate paddock sub-division, ewe:ram ratios of 150+:1 can be used for mixed aged ewes and rams in good body condition. Ewe:ram ratios should be 100:1 for two tooth.
  5. A Shepherd's Guide to Lambing Season will give you the knowledge you need so that you can recognize what stage of labor your ewe is in, as well as recognize when a ewe is in distress. how to identify each stage of labor based on both physical and behavioral symptoms. I taught natural childbirth classes for 10 years
  6. Ewes in body condition score 2.5 - 3.0 generally respond well to a rising plane of nutrition for at least three weeks before and during the mating period. Early lambing ewes are often in excessive condition at mating which may result in reduced ovulation rates and must be controlled by strict grazing management

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By 60 days after lambing, many ewes will be producing less than half of the amount of milk they produced at peak production. There is less weaning stress on the lambs if you remove the ewes from the lambs, and leave the lambs in the same area rather than vice versa. The lambs are familiar with where the feeders, mineral box, and water are. If it is then I leave the lamb and assist the ewe in the birth of its other lamb or move the ewe and her single lamb to a lambing pen. We keep a wide mouth bottle of 7% iodine on the wall so that we can dip the navels of all lambs before they go in the lambing pens. I usually clip the umbilical cord using a pair of hand shears to a length of. We are three weeks into our lambing season and have received many different questions regarding what we do to help the ewes and their lambs during and after birth. While we await our lambs from the final four ewes, let's talk about what it takes to care for the flock with wee ones in it! And a quick word of warning that I have included a video of our ewe Freddie delivering a lamb 5. Scanning. We scan our ewes about 10 weeks prior to their due date to determine our lambing percentage, each ewe is marked up (by spray painting) with a particular colour corresponding to singles (blue), twins (no mark) or triplets (green) and quads (two green dots) Ewes will not leave their lambs so management is easy if you move the ewes with new lambs from the flock daily. Late afternoon and early evening are when most of mine lamb or 7-8 a.m. The lambs survive well because birth fluids don't stick to the fiber of hair sheep breeds, so the mother can clean them off faster and get on with the birth of.

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This year virtually all ewes took on the first service and very few returns to date. However, a ewe with lambs is worth a lot more than a barrener so keen to keep them in. With 500 ewes you only need 3 ewes to potentially increase lambing % by 1%. Then again I hate waiting for the final 3 ewes to lamb so I see both sides Leave the fertile rams in for just one cycle so that lambing is not too strung, but this depends on the farmer and what he is prepared to accept. One mature ram would manage 50 ewe lambs, but a. How Long are Sheep Pregnant? The gestation period for sheep is 142 - 152 days counting from the first day of mating. They have an average gestation period of 147 days.. Breeds of Sheep. You can also use this sheep gestation period calculator for these sheep breeds Brucellosis in Sheep. Brucella melitensis infection in certain breeds of sheep causes clinical disease similar to that in goats (see Brucellosis in Goats ). However, B ovis produces a disease unique to sheep, in which epididymitis and orchitis impair fertility—the principal economic effect. Occasionally, placentitis and abortion are seen, and.

If I see a ewe with the water bag out I would hang around for 1-1.5 hours to see if she's trying to push and lamb herself. If nothing is happening I would intervene. Usually the lamb is positioned wrong or a big lamb so the ewe won't even try Persistent products should not be used year after year for ewes after lambing time. Making sure to remember to leave the best 10 per cent of ewes untreated if using a persistent product Use of CIDRs in Sheep. The use of the CIDR has shown to be an effective tool for many producers in the purebred sheep industry. It has allowed flocks to condense lambing into shorter periods of time and also moved the lambing period into the old traditional Out of Season lambing periods. A CIDR, a T-shaped nylon insert molded with. The ewes, new to the farm, had some sheep birth complications that presented themselves at lambing time. Luckily, we were able to resolve them quickly - but not without a lot of Googling and calling around to friends who knew what they were doing (more than us, for sure!) when it came to raising animals Allow the ewe to claim the newborn lamb and dry it off. You can assist if she will let you. Make sure the ewe isn't going to have another lamb. Put the ewe and lamb in the lambing pens. Shake out two flakes of straw in the lambing pens. Setup the heat lamp. Don't set up the lamps to low or it will burn the ewe. Clip and iodine the navel

A well grown ewe lamb will reach sexual maturity faster than a poorly fed ewe lamb. The heat cycle in sheep is 17 days long. Keep track of this on the calendar, especially the day you turn in the rams for breeding. We like to leave the triplet moms with all of her babies and supplement the lagging one with a bottle, if needed The main reason commercial sheep producers castrate male lambs is for management purposes, but if they decide to leave them entire they must be separated from the rest of the flock by 20 weeks. Flocks that have adopted this approach have significantly reduced the number of ewes they treat around lambing. What proportion of ewes should I leave untreated? To reduce the risk of selecting heavily for resistance it has generally been recommended to leave 10-20% of ewes in each grazing mob untreated

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  1. Ewe: A female sheep that is greater than 15 months of age [13]. Early-pregnancy ewe: between days 1-50 of pregnancy. Mid-pregnancy ewe: between days 50-100 of pregnancy. Late-pregnancy ewe: between days 100-150 of pregnancy. Hogget: A sheep that is 7 to 15 months of age. Lamb: A sheep that is less than 7 months of age
  2. A ewe should be bred when she comes into her first period. Experts recommend that a ewe be at least or months old to be bred for the first time. Answers: It is convenient to wait at least 3 months after the last parturition (lambing) before a ewe is bred again. A ewe comes into first heat at 7 to 8 months of age
  3. That planted the seed of an idea, about raising sheep that could thrive with outdoor lambing. Today, Rob farms with his wife Jo on Kaiapoi, in North Hertfordshire. They run 2,250 NZ Romney ewes, across 1,000 acres of semi-improved grassland. Their long-term goal: to create the ultimate outdoor lambing ewe for the UK climate
  4. Getting Started With Milk Sheep, Part 3: Lambing, Milking Your Sheep, and Using Sheep Milk Reader Contribution By Kat Ludlam, Ewes don't take very long to give birth, so if you have a first.
  5. Concentrates fed to ewes should contain high quality energy ingredients in the form of cereals and pulps. Protein is important in the last month of pregnancy and a ration containing 18-19% crude protein (Cr Pr) is recommended to meet the ewe's protein requirement pre lambing

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Add to Favorites . By Laurie Ball-Gisch — Over the past 12 lambing seasons, the main thing the sheep giving birth has taught me is that every season will bring a new lesson. I'll never forget meeting a seasoned shepherd with 50 years of lambing behind him who told me that he still learns something new every year Fig 12: Ewe showing signs of pain with continual forceful straining and vocalization after attempted delivery of a large single lamb. Fig 13: Same ewe as above several minutes after extradural injection to block pain. 76 - A large proportion of ewe mortalities occur around lambing, so particular skill and expertise are required at this time Ewe lamb giving birth -water broke 3 hours ago-no lamb in birth - Answered by a verified Large Animal Vet We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them Usually, around 150 to 155 days but most gestation is 152 days. No. Lambs/Litter: 1 to 2 (twins) per birth some mature ewes can even have triplets. Lactation Period: Usually, around 150 to 240 day but most are milked for 180 days. Milking From: 4 to 6 weeks after lambing. Milk Quality: Good Ewe BCS 2 3+ Grass availability Poor Good Lamb growth <200 g/day >200 g/day Lamb age >12 weeks <10 weeks Assess at eight weeks Assessing ewe body condition and weighing lambs at around eight weeks of age (from the midpoint of lambing) can give an indication of ewe milk supply, the health status of the group and forage supply

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  1. Care of the Postpartum Ewe The ewe may be weak following the difficult labor and she may not claim her newborn immediately. Leave the lambs in the lambing jug with the ewe. If she attacks them, tie her with a halter. If the placenta is not expelled within 25 hours after birth, she needs to be treated by your veterinarian
  2. These sheep should be reliable breeders that you can confidently recommend to fellow sheep enthusiasts. Around here a bred ewe close to lambing will bring $350-400. Open (not bred) ewes will bring $200 or so and ewe and lambs and younger ewes will bring a bit more at around $250 each
  3. Sheep are very susceptible to Clostridial diseases so vaccination to prevent them is an inexpensive, but essential pre-lamb activity. Vaccinating the ewes 3 to 4 weeks prior to lambing will provide a good level of protection to the lamb via the colostrum for about 8 weeks. It will also provide long term (1 yr) protection to the ewe
  4. ation of grazing with worm eggs, often referred to as the 'Spring Rise', have been told to leave between 10-20% of the ewe's untreated, focusing wor
  5. Good planning for lambing means that you are attending to the health, physical and nutritional needs of both ewe and lamb. Properly addressing these needs in the last few weeks of pregnancy can involve several different management practices (e.g. scanning, & supplementary feeding), but at the very least it should include the following: Pre-lamb.

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  1. If a ewe is lambing for the first time, she is likely to produce only one lamb at a time. a marking harness attached to the ram's chest can be used to leave a mark on any ewe that has been mounted. This will give a good indication of when to expect the lambs to arrive. How long do sheep breed for? During the autumn breeding season.
  2. Lambing (when the ewes (aka mamas) are having their babies) is always a fun and exciting season, albeit exhausting too. My parents are involved in the day-to-day tasks as the sheep ranchers, I get to help on weekends and when there are bigger tasks to do, like when we wean, tag, and worm the lambs.. Today I want to talk about what happens in the first few hours and days of the lambs' life
  3. If your sheep aren't used to hand feeding, it may be necessary to put a halter on the animal and tie him to a rail of the pen. Certainly this is the case with our Welsh Mountain wethers. To be honest, I prefer this method as the sheep is held with its head up after having been shot, so it is much easier to make the necessary cut for bleeding

My Texel sheep had served me well with their ability to finish on pasture, with their excellent meaty carcasses and with their lambing percentage of over 200 percent. However, Texel sheep breed strongly seasonal, are heat sensitive, have at times problems lambing due to the broad head and shoulders, and they need shearing Heat lamps in the winter to prevent lamb-cicles. Wind break for the ewe to give birth in. KY Jelly and long poly gloves in case you have to pull one. Scissors and dental floss or string to trim a too long umbilical cord. Clip board and pencil (keep them hanging in the barn) Bottle of waterless soap gel that eliminates germs Lambing. Ewes generally lamb around 145 days after mating. Some of course will be earlier & some later, but 145 days is the norm. For a successful lambing, ewes need to receive good nutrition, particularly in the last month of pregnancy when the lamb will approximately double in size Reproduction of sheep. A cross-bred ewe suckles her lamb, which was the first of the 2008 spring lambing at a farm in Coventry, England. Domestic sheep reproduce sexually much like other mammals, and their reproductive strategy is furthermore very similar to other domestic herd animals. A flock of sheep is generally mated by a single ram, which. Normal panels, used for making holding pens for groups of sheep, are 40 inches high and eight to ten feet long. They have five horizontal boards, the lower boards are spaced about five inches apart, the upper ones about six inches apart. My sheep are of medium size and calm disposition and the height is indeed sufficient

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  1. If you leave him in long enough he will eventually breed your ewes once he is about 3-4 months old. Ewes don't typically start cycling until 6 months. They are quite fine with being a loner, but just remember if you keep them separated make sure it's secure enough and far enough away from the ewes so you don't have any breakouts
  2. Here are six key illnesses that sheep farmers should look out for in their ewes in late pregnancy and during the lambing period. 1. Prolapse. Prolapse is a major cause of ewe deaths at lambing time, according to the AHDB. Ewes carrying multiple litters are more likely to prolapse, it says, while overfeeding in late pregnancy is another.
  3. Ewes can be bred to 10-12 years of age. Unlike commercial sheep which have been intensively bred for production, Shetland ewes have retained the ability to lamb with little to no human assistance. They have few problems, and the need to bottle feed a lamb is rare
  4. F1 Rambouillet (1.5 lambs per ewe) × Finnsheep (2.5 lambs per ewe) ewes should wean an average lamb crop of 2.0 based off the average of the two breeds, however, due to a 14.7% heterosis effect, these crossbred ewes will actually wean an average lamb crop of 2.28. 1
  5. Dexamethasone. Posted on February 19, 2013 by Ask-a-Vet Sheep. by: Dr. G.F. Kennedy. Dexamethasone injection 2mg/ml : this is a product when in the lambing barn I couldn't get along without. Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. A long way of saying it's a prescription product
  6. Timely attention to sheep nutrition can boost number of lambs. Increasing the plane of nutrition for ewes — a practice known as flushing — two to three weeks prior to breeding and three weeks into the breeding season can improve lamb crop in some instances. Flushing works best on mature ewes that are in moderate to good body condition

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This seems to make a ewe suspicious too. Do not leave the ewe long without a lamb. It is better to leave her with a dead lamb than no lamb at all. When the foster lamb is ready in its new coat, introduce it straight into suck without letting the ewe smell it. Put yourself between the lamb and her head It is more efficient to feed the lamb directly than to feed a ewe that produces milk that a lamb consumes. Early weaning generally takes place when lambs are 60 days old. Lambs should weigh at least 45 pounds at this time. Most ewes peak in their milk production around three to four weeks after the lambs are born 1 / 1. VAGINAL prolapse remains a problem that even the best sheep farmers experience and in the run-up to lambing can be frustrating and difficult to control. This can be a major welfare concern if steps are not quickly taken to minimise the strain on affected ewes. It also causes considerable pain, which may persist for days if not correctly. Time to Lamb. I'm not a farmer, though. So I decided I wanted to have my lambing season when the weather was a little warmer. This is also my first year of lambing-on purpose, anyway! In early 2020 we purchased three Shetland ewes that-unbeknownst to the previous owner-had been bred The challenges of lambing. Pregnant ewes need careful management to ensure that they lamb down in the right condition for optimum lamb weight and survival - and that ewes have sufficient condition to recover quickly before the next joining. Ideally, ewes should be scanned 45 days after joining and separated into groups of single, twin and.

Post-lambing, he makes sure both the ewe and her babies are taken care of from a health standpoint. He administers the ewes a dose of long-acting penicillin to fight off any potential infections from lambing. Before they leave the jug pens, he gives them dewormer, as he doesn't worm them the last 45 days prior to lambing to help prevent. A ewe will require about 3% of her bodyweight in dry matter a day, he adds. Therefore a 65kg ewe supporting a single 5kg lamb will need 2.1kg DM/day. Mr Davies says many sheep farmers tend to turn out fewer ewes and lambs into a number of fields so they don't need to be moved for a few weeks Ewes with triplets may lamb up to 10 days before the expected lambing date. Set stocking of ewes should therefore be 2 weeks before the expected lambing date so that ewes can find a suitable site. Triplet lambs may wander while the ewe is giving birth to another lamb. Lambs follow any ewe, and are easily confused C. Macaldowie, in Reference Module in Food Science, 2016 Lambing of Dairy Ewes. Prepare all lambing equipment and collect the necessary veterinary supplies at least a fortnight before the first lambs are due. Ensure the lambing shed or lambing area has sufficient numbers of lambing pens set up to allow them to be properly cleaned and disinfected between successive ewes And mother ewe licking afterbirth. In minutes lamb or lambs Were standing wobbling by her side Searching for a teat to suck Bleating softly for connection. When the lamb had suckled That first taste of colostrum I'd dab iodine on its navel And leave it alone with momma ewe. First being sure It was not chilled And had made the maternal connectio

Ewes will give birth to 1-3 lambs, usually just one in the first few years and more in later years. A small to medium-sized lamb will usually weigh between 5-10 pounds. Wool, Milk and Meat: How to Shear, Milk And Slaughter Sheep Shearing. If you want to collect sheep's wool, they need to be sheared Ewes about to give birth may 'pirate' recently born lambs only to abandon them when their own lamb is born. When the number of ewes lambing is at its peak, the lambing paddock is a busy and cluttered place. Best practice is to minimise any disturbance in the lambing flock. Predators can account for between 5-10% of losses in some situations Ewe and lamb mothering situations. Usually, the fostering/mothering process is performed on lambs that are struggling, or performing poorly. However, this process can also be used to optimize flock performance; for example, it's often desirable to mother a badly performing lamb, from a triplet, onto a ewe with a single lamb The third way of lambing is open range lambing. Some producers with large tracts of private land build tight fences, concentrate on predator control, and let the ewes lamb without assistance. Shed lambing saves the most lambs, due to one-on-one (or two, or three, or even four) attention

Leave behind ewes with newborn lambs. This will allow the new family to bond in the lambing bed the ewe has chosen. After 2-3 days, these new families are gradually grouped into pastures together. Some producers move the ewes with newborn lambs to new pasture and leave the ewes that have not lambed Careful ewe feeding the key to successful lamb production. Warm weather and excellent grass growth in large parts of the UK this autumn means that many ewes will have gone to the ram in good condition. This should help lift lambing percentages, but will also have increased the likelihood of ewes entering late pregnancy too fat

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Leave the CIDR in your ewes about 10-12 days. When you pull the CIDR out, inject ewes with PMSG. PMSG is a hormone that increases the ewes ovulation rate. That means that you may also get a higher number of multiples during lambing. At this point, your ewes are ready to be bred. You can now introduce the rams to your ewes Previous to this, all their lambing had been in barns with ewes and their lambs being moved to claiming pens after lambing followed by group housing in the barn until weaning. Growth rate was slightly lower in 2009 but was offset by reduced mortality rates, decreased feed and labor costs, and increases in lambs weaned per ewe (Table 3-1) It is also important to remember the ewes will cycle in a tight pattern, so the ram-to-ewe ratio will need to be increased by 25 per cent to ensure all the ewes are covered if a tight lambing.

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Sheep are grazing animals. If you had a large pasture, they would eat grass all day long, stopping only to rest and allow the rumen to process the grass. This is called chewing the cud. Since our sheep spend a large part of their time in a pen, they are fed a grass hay. They react pretty much the same to the hay as they would to grass Lambing season is about a 6-week-long period when the majority of our farm's lambs are born. In October, three rams (intact, male sheep), join the flock of ewes (female sheep), for a month so that the ewes become pregnant. It takes five months for a lamb to fully grow and develop inside a ewe, so almost all of the lambs are born in February. 60. What do you call a sheep that is always disgusted? An ewe. Lamb Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Your Wool Off. Craving for wooly cuteness? This list of jokes about lambs will make you laugh like a maniac. 61. What is a hundred sheep rolling down a hill known as? A lamb-slide. 62. What car do all sheep aim to buy? A lamborghini. 63 Where must the lamb and mother go after lambing? Put lamb by ewes head and leave to bond for 1 hour Move to their own individual pen for 24hrs (disinfect between sheep 1. Breed the sheep in the early fall. Ewes' fertility is tied to the length of days, so the season in which you breed your ewes is important. Breeding is most successful in fall, when the length of the days decreases. Once the length of days has decreased, the ewes will enter heat every 16 or 17 days

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It's ideal to have at least 5 sheep together so that they can flock and keep each other company. But, if you can't keep 5 sheep, you should at least keep 2 or 3 sheep together. Research has shown that sheep in flocks of less than 2 are consistently stressed. Three is ideally the smallest flock you should plan to have How Long does a Sheep Cook Time? Put the lamb in the oven and bake for 1 hour 40 minutes for lean meat, 2 hours for medium meat and 2 hours for 30 minutes for well-cooked meat (see our temperature guide below). How long does it take to cook half a lamb leg? Season the lamb with fresh ground salt and black pepper and place in the oven Up until last year we did our own lamb marking, but last year we contracted it out and that worked really well for us. The Leemings have scanned the ewes for multiples for the past 17 years consecutively. At lambing time we run smaller mobs - ideally for twins we run mobs of around 120 ewes or less and for singles around 150 to 300 Ewes can usually deliver without assistance but our Oxford Down sheep tend to need more help than other breeds, partly because of their size. If they are in labour too long, the shepherd will check for problems such as poor presentation of the lamb: lambs need to be in the 'Superman' position, with nose and two front feet all facing forwards

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A lamb is considered linebred if it is more than 50% of a line's genetic makeup. To linecross is to mate sheep of different bloodlines. For example, a lamb is considered linecrossed if it is a mixture of A, B, and C but no one line contributes more than 50% of the total genetic makeup For some added heat, pop in a couple of teaspoons of black pepper. Even add some mustard powder for a little extra kick. To sweeten the rub up, add two or three teaspoons of dried mint leaves. To tweak it for poultry, I tend to double the salt and lemon pepper and add a couple of teaspoons of paprika. For a seafood blend, I only use half the. Foxhow sheep producers Dan and Bec Gardiner said lambing rates were slightly back this year in comparison to last, because of the dry start to the season. Having completed lambing in the first week of May, twin lambing rates finished at 160 per cent, which is down about five pc on their long-term average, and singles recorded 95pc

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